The University conducts elections for staff and student members of Council and other committees.

Council has established the Election Procedures to provide for the conduct of elections of staff and student members of Council. In general, the method for conducting staff and student elections follows the principles set in these procedures. The procedures include a definition of staff and students for the purpose of conducting elections.

Council has approved the use of on-line technology for its elections.  The University has purchased a licence for the BigPulse electronic voting facilities for the conduct of elections (nominations and voting) and referenda.


The BigPulse system may be used to manage the preliminary nomination process.

Returning Officers need to be aware that, due to the time required to set up the voting process with BigPulse, nominations must close and scrutineering completed at least 5 working days prior to the date the vote is to commence.


The BigPulse electronic voting facility is available for the election of members of the University Council, the Flinders University Student Association Council, and other University wide and  College based committees, subject to approval.

The voting component of elections will be conducted by BigPulse in the form of ‘managed elections’.  BigPulse will manage the vote, with information provided by the Returning Officer or election administrator.

Each managed nomination poll and vote will incur a fee to be charged against the BigPulse budget line.  Prior to the commencement of an election approval must be sought from the Council Secretary before a request is made to BigPulse to set up and manage the nomination and voting process.  The approval process is automated using an online form.