The meeting dates for Council meetings are set out in the table below.  The meetings are held in the Council room, top floor of the Registry Building at the time specified. 

The agenda items are specified confidential or non-confidential.  Only members of Council and members of University staff who provide administrative and secretarial services to the Council are permitted to attend confidential items.  Non-Confidential items are open to members of staff of the University, students enrolled in the University and graduates. 

 Council meetings

2.00 pm, Council Room,
Registry Building
Meeting 1/18 Thursday 15 March
Meeting 2/18 Thursday 24 May
Meeting 3/18 Thursday 23 August
Meeting 4/18 Thursday 11 October
Meeting 5/18 Thursday 6 December


2.00 pm, Council Room,
Registry Building
Meeting 1/17 Thursday 9 March
Meeting 2/17 Thursday 25 May
Meeting 3/17 Thursday 17 August
Meeting 4/17 Thursday 12 October
Meeting 5/17 Thursday 7 December