Field Programs

The Centre’s research has significantly influenced health policy and clinical practice nationally and internationally; its research methods for the delivery and practice of point-of-care testing have now been embedded in core policy for the conduct of point-of-care testing in Australia and are eagerly sought by international professional bodies and governments.


ACE Program

The ACE Program

The ACE Program is an international POCT model for diabetes management that operates in rural and remote Indigenous communities in seven countries.

QAAMS Program

Point of Care QAAMS

The QAAMS Program is the largest and most long-standing national POCT field program, supporting diabetes management in over 180 Australian Indigenous sites.

Northern Territory Program

The NT Point of Care Testing Program

Through a partnership with the NT Department of Health, POCT using the i-STAT device is being conducted for the care of patients with both acute and chronic diseases across a large network of remote health centres.


TTANGO point of care testing

TTANGO (Test Treat ANd Go) is a ground-breaking NHMRC funded research trial in remote Aboriginal communities that utilises an innovative POCT device to accurately detect chlamydia and gonorrhoea.






TTANGO2 is an NHMRC Partnership  Project which aims to translate the previous TTANGO Trial into routine practice in regional and remote Indigenous health services.


 Other collaborations

Other Collaborations

We have established a range of sustainable POCT field programs in Australia and overseas to detect and manage chronic, acute and infectious diseases.

Can we help you?

Our Centre can support your health practice to establish a sustainable POCT field program for a range of diseases in a variety of settings.