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University scholarships

Around 100 scholarships are available to our students at different stages of study.

More information: Scholarships and awards website.


Sleep health PhD scholarships

Flinders University and Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health has multiple PhD scholarships available. Research is in the areas of sleep disorder phenotyping and the healthcare project in Alertness, Safety and Productivity

More information: Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health website


Research grants & awards

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Further information*

Research Student Maintenance  Open

12th January 2018

New students only may apply within four (4) months of starting a HDR.

College of Medicine and Public Health-2018 Research Student Maintenance (RSM) Guidelines and Application Form (PDF 199KB)

College of Nursing and Health Sciences - 2018 Research Student Maintenance (RSM) Guidelines and Application Form (PDF 125KB)

Claiming reimbursement – forms available at the following website:

Students use: ‘’Student Expense Reimbursement Form’’ Student expense reimbursement (DOCX 81KB))  

•   Employees use: ‘’Employee Expense Reimbursement’’ via online in FlindersPro

An Employee means a person who is paid through Flinders University HR department. (if you are not paid this way you will need to fill out a Student Expense Reimbursement).

Please note the central finance page is constantly evolving as part of the PSP continual improvement work. We are striving to maintain the above links up- to-date however should any links above appear broken, please contact us at

Student Conference Travel Fund

(College of Medicine and Public Health enrolment only)

Always open College of Medicine and Public Health - Student Conference Travel Fund Guidelines and Application Form (PDF 105KB)

RHD Publication Award(College of Medicine and Public Health enrolment only)

Open now accepting 2018 publications until 31st January 2019 Application form: College of Medicine and Public Health – 2018 RHD Student Publication Award Application and Guidelines (PDF 197KB)
For reference purposes: HERDC Publication Guideline (PDF 405KB

Please email if you require a Microsoft Word version of the application forms.


Honours Scholarships

The College offers up to 5 Honours Scholarships each year to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students undertaking an honours research project in the College Medicine and Public Health. 

Full details including eligibility and assessment criteria and application instructions are available at:

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences also funds up to 2 Honours Scholarships. Details for these Scholarships can be found at:

Student enquiries should be directed to the Scholarships Office:


CMPH / Flinders Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research Awards

The College of Medicine and Public Health (CMPH) at Flinders University, together with the Flinders Foundation, offers up to ten Summer Research Awards to high achieving undergraduate students over the summer vacation period.

These Awards enable recipients to have a ‘hands-on’ learning experience in a supportive, real-life research environment within the CMPH.

The strategic intent of these Awards is to encourage high achieveing students to progress to Honours or PhD in CMPH.


Applicants must fulfil all of the eligibility criteria listed in the University-wide Summer Research Award rules.  The following restrictions apply specifically to the College of Medicine and Public Health Summer Research Awards:

  • The applicant must be a current full-time undergraduate student of an Australian University and have successfully completed at least one semester of that degree
  • Students already enrolled in an Honours degree, an honours year or a postgraduate coursework degree are ineligible to apply
  • Flinders University Doctor of Medicine students are postgraduate coursework students and are therefore ineligible to apply
  • Students who have previously been awarded a CMPH Summer Research Scholarship are ineligible to apply

If a research project employs experimental animals, Awardees will be required to attend Animal Welfare Day, even if this is held after the research project is completed.


The award duration may vary from 4-6 weeks. The actual duration depends on the research project length and should be discussed with the supervisor.


Selection will be based primarily on academic merit, but strategic benefit to the College will also be considered. Students based in South Australia or the Northern Territory during the academic year may be given preference.

Selection will be made within the College in consultation with the Flinders Foundation.


The award benefit may vary from $1000 to $1500 depending on the research project and the funding source. The award benefit will be paid in a single lump sum payment at the beginning of the award.

How to apply

1. Review the information on this page as well as the application guidelines

2. Choose up to two summer research projects that interest you. (You will be asked to rank these projects in order of preference on your application)

3. Contact the relevant project supervisor to discuss the project and express your interest

4. Complete and lodge an application:


2017-2018 Research Projects

Here is the list of research projects that were proposed in 2017-18.


Application form for non-Flinders students

Flinders University Summer Research Award 2017-18 Application Form (PDF 316KB)


Closing date for applications

  • Applications for 2017-18 Summer Research Awards close on October 23, 2017.
  • Late applications will not be considered. Awardees and supervisors have been advised of the outcome.


Student enquiries


Staff and supervisor enquiries