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Using Flinders Academic Commons to strengthen the Global Health and Development (GHD) Initiative


The GHD website allows authors to share knowledge that addresses the health-related objectives in the Post-2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and enhance our understanding of:

  • health care systems;
  • countries’ progress towards universal health coverage;
  • care models; and
  • practices and health issues in a global context with an emphasis on less developed countries.

The written materials will be made available through the Flinders Academic Commons database.


  • Enable cross-disciplinary and cross-national cooperation to address health-related objectives in the Post-2015 SDGs.
  • Improve the understanding of different health care systems, policies, care models and practices.
  • Help develop the Internationalisation of Curriculum.
  • Allow staff to share expertise and experiences.


Associate Professor Lily Dongxia Xiao
School of Nursing & Midwifery

Professor Chris Franco
Associate Head of Faculty (International)
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences


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THENet - Training for Health Equity Network

The Training for Health Equity Network: THEnet is a global movement of schools committed to transforming health-professions education to improve health equity.

They were brought together initially through a project at the Global Health Education Consortium that sought out innovators in addressing global health-workforce challenges.

Visit the THEnet website


Australian Award Fellowships

Flinders University has been delivering an intensive, multidisciplinary training course to a contingent of East African fellows in a bid to reduce infant and maternal mortality in developing countries.