If you have an interesting event, research report, teaching triumph or field trip pending that might make news, the media team in the Marketing and Communications Office would like to hear about it. Could you please complete the following form with a succinct summary - less than 30 words. We will contact you directly for further details and advise on the news potential of your story. Not every story idea will have the 'news value' to break through into print or onto the airwaves in a crowded media market but we want to take a proactive stance and make sure that Flinders does not miss any media opportunities.

If the story idea has news potential, we will discuss it with you and draft a media release, using the University's Newsmakers format, for distribution by the media team.

In the interest of reaching key audiences with your message, please nominate, where possible, particular media outlets that may be interested in your story - for example, specialist industry publications, television and radio programs and on-line news services - and we will add them to our database. An email or web address for the target media outlet would be useful and appreciated. Thank you.


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