Dr Aaron Mohtar

Research Fellow (Medical Device Partnering Program, Research and Development Manager)

College of Science and Engineering

place Student Hub & Union (5.07)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
Aaron has a strong interest in the application of electronics in biomedical devices and instrumentation. He has previously been involved in teaching courses in the field of electronics and computer architecture at the University of South Australia, where his involvement spanned 6 years and included teaching/supervising at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

His interests cover electronic circuits, intelligent robotic control via microcontrollers and the application of microelectronic circuitry in biomedical devices.

PhD, University of South Australia 2009. Thesis title: A Remote Laboratory for Testing Microelectronic Circuits on a Silicon Wafer.
BEng (Electronics and Microengineering)(Hons), University of South Australia 2006.
Key responsibilities

Aaron currently works as a technical manager at the MDPP (Medical Device Partnering Program). His role involves management, research and development of biomedical devices and instrumentation at various stages in their product life cycle.

Projects that Aaron has managed include:

  • Maction force gauge: Design and build a wireless device that monitors and transmits applied load to a smart mobile device.
  • Rise N go: Design and build a functional prototype for a stand & walk rollator
  • pH cancer probe: Design and build a cancer margin probe using pH for margin detection
  • Flotherm: Design and build a prototype for a perioperative patient warming device
  • Intelligent IPC: Design and build an intelligent intermittent pneumatic compression device to validate the “real” compression exerted by conventional IPC devices and cuffs.
  • Tamper-proof nasal drug delivery device: Design and build a proof-of-concept tamper proof nasal drug delivery device.
  • Foldable Splint for arm fractures: Design and conduct a trial to obtain user and product feedback on a new disposable foldable splint for arm fractures.
  • Cardiac arrhythmia software: Develop software to inform atrial fibrillation catheter ablation procedure in cardiac arrhythmia patients
  • Design and coding a suite of medical simulation tools.

  • Hand held magnetic cancer probe: Design, build and testing a more sensitive probe to detect magnetic particles.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation device: Design and build a smart sensor to determine and transmit range of motion in real-time.

Project/project areas that he has worked in directly include:

  • Hydralert: Design and build a proof of concept device to detect hydration level from urine in real-time.
  • Dental Pain Therapy Device
  • Automated screw insertion into bone
  • Sub-maximal efforts in hand dynamometer measurements
  • Treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea
  • Bright light therapy for the treatment of insomnia
  • Evaluation of anti-suffocation pillows
  • Properties of soft tissue
  • Ultrasound for bladder volume measurements
  • Ultrasound for device disinfection
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Infusion device evaluation
Teaching interests
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Computer Architecture
  • Robotics/Mechatronics
Supervisory interests
Biomedical and electronic engineering
Medical devices

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