Mr Adam Ridley

Casual Academic

College of Business, Government and Law

place Social Sciences South
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Adam Ridley's PhD research seeks to evaluate how policies of multicultural integration adopted by liberal democracies lead to improved racial discrimination, equal opportunity, mutual cultural accommodation, and social cohesion outcomes for migrant groups. Based at the Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity, he is conducting a multiple case study comparing policy frameworks and outcomes from Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Bachelor of International Studies (Honours), Flinders University (2014)

Honours, awards and grants
  • Endeavour Research Fellowship, Australian Government (2016)
  • Seed Money Fund, International Network of Universities (2016)
  • University Medal, Flinders University (2014)
  • Bill Brugger Prize, Flinders University (2014)
Research interests
  • Political science and public policy
  • Multiculturalism
  • Migrant integration policy
  • Migration studies
Teaching interests

Adam facilitates tutorials for the topics POLI1003 ‘Introduction to Democracy and Government’ (2015-2017) and POLI1012 ‘Introduction to Political Ideas and Public Policy’ (2015). His teaching interests include:

  • Multiculturalism
  • Political theory
  • Public policy
  • Migration studies
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Multiculturalism and integration policy
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  • Multiculturalism and integration policy