Professor Carlene Wilson

Academic Status

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Flinders Medical Centre (2.45)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Professor Carlene Wilson was appointed to the Chair in Cancer Prevention (Behavioural Science) in March of 2008. Shes leads a group pf three postdoctoral fellows, three project officers and 5 PhD students.The position is a collaborative venture between Cancer Council South Australia and Flinders University and is located within the School of Medicine. The position is based in the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer. The position exists in recognition of the key role preventive health strategies play in the primary and secondary prevention of chronic disease, including many forms of cancer. The objectives of the position are to work with both sponsoring organisations in extending understanding of the behavioural variables that influence risk of cancer and how knowledge of these variables can be used to develop interventions that reduce incidence of cancer in South Australia.

BA (Hons) PhD MBA
Honours, awards and grants

Prizes in the MBA:

  • Jointly awarded the 1999 Luminis Pty Ltd Prize for best Supervised Research Project.
  • 2000 Tenneco Prize for Top Female Graduating Student.
  • 2000 Normandy Mining Prize for Top Graduating Student.
  • 2000 Top of Directors Honours List.

Other Prizes:

  • CSIRO One-CSIRO Award - December 2003. Awarded for 'Steering and Synthesizing the Agrifood Top-5 Flagship'
  • Awarded a high commendation by the Literati Club for the paper Wilson, C., and Brewer, N. (2001) Working in teams: Negative effects on organisational performance in policing. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 24,
Key responsibilities


  1. To undertake research on ways to reduce risk of cancer through the modification to critical lifestyle behaviours.
  2. To collaborate with other researchers in developing agendas that addresses this goal.
  3. To advocate in the media for appropriate behaviour change.
  4. To supervise research students in the performance of aim 1.
  5. To assist Cancer Council South Australia with the development and delivery of their behavioural cancer prevention agenda.
  6. To assist in the development of the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer Control.
Research expertise
Adherence to interventional programs
Adolescent health
Cognitive psychology and educational practice
Public health and health services
Research interests

Focus of my research is on determinants of diet and lifestyle choices associated with obesity and overweight and the analysis of influences in participation in CRC screening and rescreening.

  1. Influences on alcohol consumption - young and middle aged women (social normative versus stress based motivation. (Survey design)
  2. Influences on alcohol consumption among university students - an experimental manipulation of social norms.
  3. Bowel cancer screening using FOBT - a randomised control trial of a tailored decision support tool in a sample of 6000 Australians aged 50 to 70.
  4. Acceptability of different modes of CRC screening - a Survey study comparing FOBT and blood testing.
  5. Influences of the decision to rescreen - A nationwide repeated measures survey study looking at predictors of ongoing participation in CRC.
  6. Equity of bowel cancer screening - a qualitative investigation of barriers and facilitators in Greek-Australians, Iranian Australians, Vietnamese Australians and Indigenous Australians
  7. Developing and validating a measure of skin tone dissatisfaction as a predictor of tanning behaviour - Utlising a sample of first year, female university students.
  8. An analysis of the influence of parental restriction of energy dense foods on free-living consumption in 4 year olds - a study designed to determine influences on risk of obesity.
  9. Intergenerational transmission of food choices and food consumption behaviour - an analysis using social networks modelling (survey based)
  10. Social networks and obesity related lifestyle among adolescents - a series of survey based, repeated measures studies.
Supervisory interests
Behavioural influences on cancer risk and cancer screening participation
Bowel health and colorectal cancer
Cancer risk perception
Cancer screening
Cancer survivorship
Family health
Health promotion and education
Health psychology
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Health psychology, men’s health, early detection, help seeking behaviour (1), Health psychology, Cancer support, cancer attribution, fear of recurrence (1), Health psychology, children of cancer survivors (1)
Associate supervisor: Health psychology, HPV, vaccination (1), Health psychology, diet, Colorectal Cancer (1), Health psychology, young adults, emerging adults, diet, physical activity (1)
Principal supervisor: Health pychology (Univ of Adelaide) (5), Health Psychology (Deakin Univ) (1), Health Psychology (UniSA) (1)
Associate supervisor: Health pychology (Univ of Adelaide) (1), Health psychology, smoking, older age, Greek-Australians (1)
Further information

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