Mr Daniel Thorpe

Casual Professional

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Bedford Park

Dan Thorpe is a cross-disciplinary researcher currently working as Lab Manager and a Research Assistant in the Personal Health Informatics Lab (PHIT).

Originally training as a classical pianist, an injury piqued his interest in the ways sensing technologies can both extend and limit understandings of the body. Graduating with a Sonic Arts degree - a subspeciality of music technology that focusses on prototyping, coding, and engineering in the context of experimental sound performance - he has a technical background that ranges from sewing sensors into contemporary dance costumes for generative performances, to circuit bent instruments, to sensor and data generated, networked, interactive graphic notation. This lead to a Master of Philosophy exploring the outer limits of low fidelity approaches to human-computer interaction design - how little data do you need to get enough of a sense of a body in space that can lead to meaningful interaction?

This cross-disciplinary background, combined with a long history of work in advocacy and peer-work in community mental health, results in a contribution of both HCI knowledge and pragmatic insights about patient flow through the Mental Health system to PHIT. His current research interests are Technology Enabled Service co-design, Ecological Momentary Assessment and Interventions, and human-centred informatics. He also maintains a research profile in the performing arts, regularly delivering guest lectures and contributing to research around queer embodied performance, networked performance, and experimental notational approaches.

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