Dr Emily Fobert

Research Associate

College of Science and Engineering

Research expertise

Impacts and mitigation strategies of anthropogenic stressors on marine organisms

Research expertise

Impacts and mitigation strategies of anthropogenic stressors on marine organisms

place Information, Science & Technology (348)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I discovered my fascination with the marine environment as an undergraduate journalism student, when a friend convinced me to get SCUBA certified and sign up for a tropical ecology field course in Cuba. Following the field course, I returned to Canada, enrolled in a second undergraduate science degree, and pursued my new-found passion for research and the underwater world

​After completing an Honours degree in biology at Carleton University, Canada, and a M.Sc. in environmental and life sciences at Trent University, Canada, I migrated to the ocean for a Ph.D. in marine ecology at the University of Melbourne, Australia. My research interests fall at the intersection of environmental change and individual variability of marine and aquatic organisms. I am interested in understanding the role of extrinsic, environmental factors, and intrinsic, phenotypic or behavioural variability of individuals, in driving population dynamics and ecosystem function and resilience. My research has taken me to a number of countries, and I have worked in range of systems, from lake and river systems in Canada and Europe, to tropical and temperate reefs around Australia, Indonesia, French Polynesia, and the Malidves. 


2016 - Ph.D. Marine Ecology - University of Melbourne (Australia)

2011 - M.Sc. Environmental and Life Sciences - Trent University (Canada)

2008 - Bachelor of Arts, Biology (Honours) - Carleton University (Canada)

2007 - Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) - Carleton University (Canada)

Honours, awards and grants

2018 - Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (University of Melbourne)

Research expertise
Biodiversity conservation
Research interests

My research interests lie in understanding how marine organisms respond to anthropogenic stressors, and identifying strategies to mitigate these impacts on marine systems. My current research is investigating the impacts of 1) microplastics, and 2) light pollution on the ecology and physiology of temperate and coral reef organisms.

Supervisory interests
Marine ecology
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Marine science
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  • Conservation
  • Ecology
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  • Marine science

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