Ms Firda Firdaus

Academic Status

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

place Humanities (239)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
MA, Applied Linguistics, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Key responsibilities

Director of Studies

Indonesian Language Program

Flinders University

Coordinator Cross-institutional Indonesian Program

Adelaide University

Teaching interests
Specialised in Teaching Indonesian as a Foreign Language, in particular Indonesian Language curriculum design. She has developed language text and online teaching materials which explore approaches to engage students in critical thinking and independent study. Her specific interest is integrated language learning and language teaching within the framework of culture and society of modern Indonesian.Using contemporary technology such as WebCT, PB WIKI, and other recent initiatives she endevours to enhance motivation of the class she teaches.She also is a great believer of immersing her students with the target language community/ Indonesian in Adelaide and hence WIL and students networking is an integral part of her teaching.Her teaching philosophy is based on her teaching experience over three decades and in 3 different countries, Indonesia, USA, and Australia. It is organic, electic, and strongly students' focused. In addition to language teaching, she is also interested in Indonesian Contemporary Society, in particular youth, pop culture, media and women.
Topic coordinator
ASST3045 Supervised Reseach Project In Indonesian
ASST3201 Indonesian Advanced A, part 1
ASST3202 Indonesian Advanced A, part 2
ASST7201 Indonesian Language and Society
INDO3211 Indonesian Advanced SA
Topic lecturer
ASST1101 Indonesian Introductory, part 1
ASST1201 Indonesian Introductory A, part 1
ASST1202 Indonesian Introductory A, part 2
INDO1011 Indonesian Introductory SA
INDO1012 Indonesian Introductory SB