Dr Greg Carey

Academic Status

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

place Education Building (S259)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Dr Greg Carey teaches in the areas of Inclusive Technology, and the Transition to Adulthood of those with a disability andhas a long-standing interest in special education and disability services in developing countries. The topics are part of the preparation and continuing education of Developmental Educators and Special Education Teachers.

He has a wide experience in teaching students with special needs in South Australian schools and the preparation of special education teachers and developmental educators in Australia, China and Papua New Guinea.

His research concentrates on inclusive Information and Communication Technology (iICT) and the position of those with an intellectual disability in emerging technologies. His 5 Cs of 21stC Learning (Connectivity, Community, Collaboration, Creativity and Curation) are used as the foundation of his face to face and online teaching and provide the basis for evaluation of new and emerging technologies.

He has a major interest is the use of technology to improve the lives of people with disabilities.



Honours, awards and grants

Fellow Australian College of Educators (FACE)

Research expertise
International development
Specialist studies in education
Research interests


  • inclusive Information and Communications Technologies (iICT)
  • Virtual/augmented reality to reduce anxiety for people with a disability
  • Disability and Special Education in Developing Countries
  • Transition form school to post school options for students with a disability



  • Special Interest Group - inclusiveICT Facebook group LINK
  • "Can a virtual tour reduce anxiety in young optometry patients identified on the Autism Spectrum" with Dr Steve Parker Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) School of Nursing & Midwifery; Dr Paul Constable, Senior Lecturer Optometry; and Dr Cyle Sprick Lecturer in Clinical Simulation Clinical Skills and Simulation Unit
    Preliminary findings presented at the IASSIDD Conference, Melbourne, August 14-18 2016
  • "What do we know about online data collection from people with Disability?"
  • iBeacons as a navigational and information aid for People with Disabilities

CURRENT PROJECTS in Emerging Countries

Teaching interests

Support of research is also available in the area of iICT and Transition to Adulthood in the following topics:

DSRS4105 Independent Study 1 (4.5 units)
DSRS9054 Directed Study in Disability (4.5 units)
DSRS9066 Disability Studies Capstone Project (4.5 units)
DSRS9055 Coursework Project in Disability/Rehabilitation (9 units)
DSRS9030A Dissertation in Disability (18 units) *Students who wish to undertake the Dissertation topic may first need to undertake appropriate research methods topic unless they have previously studied research methods. They should discuss options with the Course Coordinator.

Further information

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