Dr Hakan Muyderman

Academic Status

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Flinders Medical Centre (6E:139)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Associate Professor Muyderman’s qualifications ranges from a certificate in Psychiatry (1984), B.Nursing (1991). A MD and a PhD in Neuroscience (Goteborg University, Sweden). Dr Muyderman gained his licence to practise medicine 2001 (Sweden and EU) and was awarded a combined research/speciality training position in Neurology, Neuro-rehabilitation and Cardiology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden the same year.

After post-doctoral studies at Flinders and clinical specialist training in Sweden he was awarded a Flinders Mary Overton research fellow ship from Flinders Medical Foundation. The fellowship resulted in several publications, two PhD students brought to completion, several graduated honours students and a three-year NHMRC project grant. Dr Muyderman was appointed a full-time permanent academic position in 2010 in Medical Biochemistry.

The focus of Dr Muyderman’s research was on the role of oxidative damage in neurodegenerative diseases. His work has so far attracted > 1400 citations with a G-index of 37. From 2014 he focussed on medical education as an alternative to research and clinical work. In this role he coordinated the first 9 units of the medical program for several years. He was a member of the medical course directorate, actively participated in accreditation processes for the medical school and contributed to curriculum and assessment development. In addition he was the academic lead for a 18-unit, 4 year longitudinal research program in the Medical Program. In this role he promoted the program to various stakeholders and facilitated inter-institutional research collaborations between FMC/FUSA/RDH/Menzies (NT) and rural SA and NT. He also worked with SAHLN Office of research and Central Australia on issues related to governance and research ethics. Dr Muyderman’s position was de-established in February 2019 and he is currently holding Academic Status as an Associate Professor at the College of Medicine and Public Health.


MD, PhD (neuroscience), Med Lic (medicine), B. Nursing, Cert Psychiatry

Honours, awards and grants

Mary Overton Research Fellowship 2006-2010

Teaching interests

General Medicine, Neuroscience, Development, Reaserch design, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

Topic coordinator
MMED8103 Knowledge of Health and Illness 1A
MMED9404 Advanced Studies Capstone
MMED9205 Advanced Studies yr 2
MMED8304 Advanced Studies yr 3
MMED9151 Medicine 1B Advanced Studies
MMED2932 fundamental neuroscience
Topic lecturer
MMED3933 Biochemistry of Human Disease
MMED8103 Knowledge of Health and Illness 1A
MMED2933 Fundamental Neuroscience
MMED3933 Biochemistry of HUman Disease
MMED2932 Integrative Human Physiology
MMED8400 Fourth Year Medicine
MMED9150 Medicine 1A
MMED9250 Medicine 2A
MMED9151 Medcine 1B
MMED9150 Medicine 1A - Human Homeostasis
MMED9151 Medicine 1B renal system
MMED9251 Medcine 2B - Brain and Behaviour
Supervisory interests
ALS/motor neuron disease
Brain damage in stroke and other neurological diseases
Cell biology
Education, medical student
Glia cell function
Mitochondrial function
Neuronal cell death
Public health
Redox regulation
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Astrocytes, intercellular communication, gap junctions, neuroscience, injury (1), Neuroscience (1)
Associate supervisor: Neuroscience, Non-viral transfection, microglia (1), Stroke (1)
Further information

Position de-established 27/2-2019

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