Dr Jean-Marc Hero

Senior Lecturer in Biology (Ecology/Organismal Biology)

College of Science and Engineering


BSc 1980

MSc Qual 1988

PhD 1991

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 2018

Honours, awards and grants

2013  Restoration Ecology most downloaded paper in 2013

       Wortley L., J.-M. Hero & M. Howes 2013. Evaluating Ecological Restoration Success: A Review of the Literature. Restoration Ecology. 21: 537–543.

2009   Most cited journal article for Journal of Zoology, London from2007-2008.
Kriger, K.M. and Hero, J.-M. 2007. Large-scale seasonal fluctuations in the prevalence and severity of chytridiomycosis. Journal of Zoology, London. 271: 352-359.

2007 Feature Article published in the journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms in 2007.
Hyatt. A.D., D.G Boyle, V. Olsen, D.B. Boyle L. Berger, R. Phillott, R. Campbell, D. Obendorf, A. Dalton, K. Kriger, M. Hero, H. Hines, F. Gleason and A Colling. 2007.Diagnostic assays and sampling protocols for the detection of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. 73:175-192

2002 Biotropica Award for Excellence in Tropical Biology: presented to the author of a paper published during the calendar year of 2001 in Biotropica for an outstanding contribution based on research conducted in tropical regions.
Hero, J.-M., W. E. Magnusson, F. Duarte da Rocha & C. Catterall. 2001. Survival-strategies influence prey distributions and community diversity. Biotropica 33(1):131-141.

Teaching interests

Dr Jean-Marc Hero is a university educator who has taught ecology, and conservation biology at universities around the world for over 30 years. He has extensive research expertise in ecology, biodiversity assessment and monitoring, Spatial Ecology and conservation physiology publishing in a wide range of environmental topics. 

As a scientist and an educator, he focuses on providing students with indigenous competency, work-ready skill sets, and applied experiential learning in the Australian ecosystems, and overseas. Biodiversity conservation issues are global challenges. Our emerging STEM curriculum focusses on producing work-ready, culturally competent, global citizens that have a broad understanding of indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage values that are integrated with textbook science to prepare for work with first nations peoples to manage biodiversity in a changing world.

Topic coordinator
BIOD2701 Biodiversity & Conservation
BIOL7720 Honours Experimental Design and Statistics
BIOL2711 Ecology
BIOL7700A Honours Research Topics
BIOD2704 Biology Practicum
BIOD3742 Biology Practicum II
Topic lecturer
BIOD1102 Introduction to Biodiversity & Conservation
BIOD2712 Animal Diversity
BIOD3701 Conservation Biology & Restoration Ecology
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