Mr John Naumann

Teaching Support Officer

College Services, Humanities, Arts and Social Sci

place Humanities Building (114a)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

John was previously a secondary teacher, he then returned to university to complete a Bachelor of Science (Hons) majoring in marine ecology and chemistry. He is a trained Coxswain, SCUBA instructor and CFS fire-fighter.
His honours study was on sub-tidal rocky reef herbivore . He and his wife have dived extensively around South Australia, in a number of areas across temperate Australia and occasionally overseas. He has been SCUBA diving for over 30 years and is a cave diver. Special spots are the WW 2 wrecks in Saipan CNMI, coral reefs in PNG and in SA; the wrecks around Wardang Island, the cuttlefish aggregation at Point Lowly, West Island (Victor Harbour), and the Gammon Ranges.


B.Sc (Hons) Adelaide, B.Ed, Dip T, Cert IV (WHS), Cert IV (Training & Assessment), Cert II (Public Safety - Fire-fighting Operations), Coxswain NC1: Chief Warden, Humanities building.

Honours, awards and grants
2012  Dean of Humanities - Professional Staff Award 
Key responsibilities

John joined the Discpline of Archaeology in August 2008 as a technical officer (3 days) for maritime archaeology. He is the deputy University Maritime Safety Officier (Diving & Boating Officer).

He is also a Senior WHS Adviser based in the college of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. Phone ext 13186. = 2days; Monday and Tuesdays [HUMs 228]

His main responsibilities are:
Supervise diving operations, and maintain student dive records, maintenance of the equipment inventory, resources of the department and all equipment loans and returns. He has been a key person in the training of scientific divers at Flinders Uni. Facilitatating Archaeology field work and maintenance of artefacts in the research collection are on-going responsibilities. Provide advice to borrowers about the safe use of equipment and ensure that goods are returned in good order. Maintenance of field, laboratory and SCUBA diving equipment. He works closely with the terrestrial archaeology technical officer Ms Chantal Wight.

He is a Coxswain (NC1) for boating operations especially the RHIB "RV Tom Thumb".

He has worked on many archaeolocial field schools and field work. Of particular note is work on the small oyster cutter "Caprice" at Mt. Dutton Bay (SA) and the "Leven Lass" on Phillip Island (Vic).