Associate Professor Kris Natalier

Associate Professor in Sociology

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

place Social Sciences South (354)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

My work centres on the gendered nature of familial and intimate relationships as lived experiences and as sites of policy intervention. Specifically, I use qualitative methods to analyze how people make sense of the joys and challenges of negotiating intimate relationships in the context of personal and social change. My current research agenda addresses: a) the expressive dimensions and gendered power dynamics of child support as a financial transfer and policy regime; b) an Australian Research Council funded project on children’s understandings of ‘home’ in the context of their parents’ separation/ divorce (with Professor Belinda Fehlberg [University of Melbourne] and Associate Professor Bruce Smyth [ANU]); and c) the housing and support needs and experiences of young women who have survived domestic and family violence or sexual assault (with Professor Sarah Wendt [Flinders], funded by South Australia's Department of Human Services). I have also published extensively in the area of marginal housing and homelessness.

I am the Inequality Research Theme Leader in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. I am a member of the Flinders University Social Work Innovation Research Living Space and co-convener (with Dr Ashley Barnwell) of The Australian Sociological Association Families and Relationships Thematic Group.


Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), The University of Queensland

Honours, First Class (Sociology), The University of Tasmania

PhD (Sociology), The University of Queensland

Topic coordinator
SOCI3010 Contemporary Social Problems
SOCI1010 Sociology of Everyday Life
Supervisory interests
Child and family policy
Family law and social policy
Intimacy and relationships
Marriage and intimate relationships
Poverty and inequality
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