Mrs Leila Mohammadi

College and Research Services Librarian


place Flinders Medical Centre
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

As a lecturer and a Research Librarian in Medical and Health area, Leila has been involved in supporting research as well as teaching and learning needs of academics and students in medicine and allied health since she gained her Master’s degree in Medical Information studies.

Research supports:

Leila provides a wide variety of research services to academics, Research fellows and Research Higher Degree students including advanced literature searches, systematice reviews methodology, literature reviews, study designs, research impact metrics and citation analysis, publication process... . She is a team member in a variety of systematic reviews projects within college of medicine and public health and collge of nursing and allied health. She assists with systematic reviews protocols planning and registration, desinging comprehenvsive searches in multipe databases, introducing systematic reviews tools such as Covidence, JBI SUMMARI, RevMan, citation management tools, PRISMA report, mehtodology documentation.

Leila runs intensive workshops and interactive lab-based activities to academics, researchers and HDR students on:

  • Systematic reviews methodolgy
  • systematic literature searching
  • Evidence based practice in medicine and health sciences
  • Text mining tools (health)
  • journal selection and publichation (health)
  • research metrics tools

Leila is currently a part-time PhD student in medical education, college of medicine and public health, Flinders University.

Research interest:

  • Medicine and healthcare translational research
  • Knowledge translation in health professions education
  • Evidnece-informed teaching
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Health and Medicine
  • Master's Medical Information Studies
  • Bachelor's Library and Information Studies
Key responsibilities

systematic reviews support: SR protocols, methodology, tools,... .

research metrics

publication process and journal selection support

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