Lisa Campbell

Casual Professional

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

place Bedford Park

Dr Lisa Harper Campbell is a writer, researcher and educator from Adelaide, South Australia. She obtained her doctorate in French cinema and history from the University of Adelaide in 2017 and her first book, Reframing Remembrance: Contemporary French Cinema and the Second World War, was published by Manchester University Press in 2021. She has written for BBC's Mastermind, Australian Book Review, Independent Australia, Aniko Press, The Conversation, Hawkeye Books and various academic journals. As well as teaching tertiary courses in Screen, French and Drama Studies, Lisa has worked as an actor, director and producer. She has been involved in several research projects spanning across disciplines and institutions. As well as her independent research, she is currently working within the Flinders Health and Medical Research Institue (FHMRI) as a Senior Research Support Officer to assist in the development of vital and engaging research.