Miss Lucy Clive

Casual Professional

College Services, Science and Engineering

place Biological Sciences (150)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
  • Currently working towards a PhD in Conservation Ecology of the endangered pygmy bluetongue lizard, Tiliqua adelaidensis
  • Spent a year studying the evolution of cooperation in meerkats in South Africa (Kalahari Meerkat Project, Cambridge University, UK)
  • Undertook an internship at Paignton Zoo, UK, investigating behaviour, and enclosure use, of reptiles in relation to heat and light sources.
  • Strong interest in conservation of endangered species, captive breeding programmes and reintroduction

BSc Zoology - University of Aberystwyth, UK

MSc Animal Behaviour - University of Exeter, UK

Honours, awards and grants
  • 2015 Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment
  • 2015 Royal Society of South Australia small research grant
  • 2016 Nature Foundation of South Australia award
  • 2016 Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment
  • 2016 Royal Society of South Australia small research grant
  • 2016 part travel grant (Society for Conservation Biology)
  • 2017 Nature Foundation of South Australia award
Key responsibilities
  • PhD student under supervisors: A/Prof Mike Gardner and Dr Mark Hutchinson (and the late Professor Mike Bull)
  • BIOL1101 Evolution of Biological diversity - demonstrator
  • BIOL1102 Molecular basis of life - demonstrator
  • BIOL2702 Genetics evolution & biodiversity - demonstrator
  • BIOL2711 Ecology - demonstrator
Further information

I also took part presenting a segment for the kids show 'Scope' on my work with the pygmy bluetongue lizard.