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Marco Susino works in the cognition and psychology of music, and is a multi award-winning artist in creative and performing arts. His work has been commissioned and performed across Europe, the Americas and Australasia, including at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney, the Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. He holds a visiting position at the Juilliard School, New York. Prior to joining Flinders University, Marco was Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Program in Music. He held positions at The University of New South Wales, Sydney and the University of Adelaide. Marco is a recognised expert in music-evoked emotions and cross-cultural experiences of emotion by music. His research investigates cultural influences, embodiments, and psychological and physiological effects on emotions communicated by music. He has undertaken fieldwork and collaborations in the United States, Cuba and Portugal.

Marco has collaborated on two Australian Research Council (ARC) projects and is a recipient of the prestigeous Endevour Research Fellowship, for which he collaborated with dancers, choreographers and composers at the Juilliard School in New York.

He is a reviewer of numerous flagship journals, including Nature, Psychology of Music and Musicae Scientiae.

As an artist his work includes award-winning music releases and multi-media installations.

For an up-to-date and full list of artistic and research outputs, visit: www.marcosusino.com


PhD (Music), University of New South Wales, Australia

MMus (Music), University of New South Wales, Australia

Licentiate (Music), Trinity College London, United Kingdom

Honours, awards and grants

Arts in Health Research Award, 2020

CHASS Research Award, Flinders University, 2020

Dean's Research Award, University of New South Wales, 2020

Endevaour Research Fellowship, Government of Australia, 2019

Exceptional Achievements Grant, University of New South Wales, 2018

Gerry Farrell Award, Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research, 2017

Alumni Industry Success Award, Academy of Contemporary Music, 2007

Key responsibilities

Current Projects

CI - Virtual Reality Music Making as a Novel Interactive Therapy for Physical, Psychological, and Emotional Wellbeing in Young Stroke Survivors - (2021-2022)

Lead CI - Bodies of Music - Investigating Emotion Communication in Multi-Sensory Music-Dance Expressions - (2020-2021)

Lead CI - The Music That Moves Us - (2019-2021)

Lead CI - Music for the Relief of Chemeotherapy Induced Nasua and Vomiting - (2020-2022)

CI - Creativity and Credit - (2020-2021)

Teaching interests

Creative Arts


Visual Media


Supervisory interests
Creative arts
Cross-cultural research
Dance and physical theatre
Music and the theatre
Popular music
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Music Neuroscience (1), Music and Health (1)
Associate supervisor: Arts Therapy (1), Music Performance (1)
Expert for media contact
Emotion Embodiment
Music Psychology
Music and Dance
Music and Emotion
Universal and Culture-Specific Musical Emotions
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Media expertise
  • Music
  • Emotion Embodiment
  • Music Psychology
  • Music and Dance
  • Music and Emotion
  • Universal and Culture-Specific Musical Emotions
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