Dr Marina Louter

Casual Academic

College of Science and Engineering

place Biological Sciences (2303A)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I recently finished my PhD, working in the behavioural ecology of the threathened thick-billed grasswren (Amytornis modestus raglessi) under supervision of Prof Sonia Kleindorfer and Dr Mike Gardner.You can read all about my PhD research here: http://www.flinders.edu.au/theses/11e52514-70ac-4275-83d6-01d261978f4f/1/

I am currently working as a Projects Coordinator at EBS Ecology (www.ebsecology.com.au) as well as a Casual Academic at Flinders University.


PhD in Behavioural Ecology (2012 - 2016, Flinders University of South Australia)

Master of Science in Biology (2004 - 2009, University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Bachelor of Science in Biology (2001 - 2003, University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Honours, awards and grants

2006 - Stichting Fonds Dr. Christine Buisman (National Travel Grant awarded to Dutch biologists to support overseas research)

2007 - Marco Polo Funding, Travel Award for Overseas Research to support a study on cichlids in Zambia (Masters Degree)

2012 - Conservation Biology Grant - http://www.ncssa.asn.au/

2013 - Stuart Lesly Bird Research Award - http://birdlife.org.au/

2013 - Birds SA Conservation Fund - http://www.birdssa.asn.au/

2015 - Lirabenda Endowment Fund - http://www.fnssa.org.au/

2015 - Nature Foundation of South Australia Conservation Fund - http://www.naturefoundation.org.au/

2016 - ISBE travel grant to present a poster at the biannual conference

2016 - Flinders University travel grant to attend international conferences

2016 - FUSA developmental grant to respresent Flinders University at conferences

2016 - STEM Grant to facilitate travel and registration costs to attend conferences

2012 - 2016 - Flinders University Research Scholarship (FURS)

Research expertise
Animal behaviour
Biodiversity conservation
Environmental science and management
Evolutionary biology
Research interests

Throughout my tertiary education my primary interests have been evolution, ecology and animal behaviour. I pursued my interest in the evolutionary biology in my first research project, studying the courtship behaviour of parasitic wasp gynandromorphs and developing methods to dissect and record the internal organs of these parasitic wasps.
In my final years of undergraduate studies I conducted a research project on the effect of spatial competition on helping and dispersal behaviours in a cooperatively breeding cichlid. During this study I developed a keen interest in the issues surrounding cooperative breeding. I went on to study the survival effects of oxidative stress in the Seychelles warbler, also a cooperative breeder.

After completing my Masters degree, I continued working on the Seychelles warbler as a research assistant. Moving to Western Australia, I was employed as a field assistant by ANU to work on another cooperatively breeding bird, the red-winged fairy-wren, researching the breeding ecology of this small songbird. During this study I realised I wanted to pursue a carreer in academia.

I recently finished my PhD thesis titled: The Behavioural Ecology of the Thick-billed Grasswren, under supervision of Prof Sonia Kleindorfer and Dr Mike Gardner.

Further information

I am part of the birdlab/animal behaviour group at Flinders University.

I collaborate with various other ecologists: Dr Lyanne Brouwer, Dr Rick Bruintjes, Dr Janske Van de Crommenacker


  • Flora and Fauna Surveys and Monitoring
  • Academic Research
  • Project and data management
  • Data collecting techniques, including radio-telemetry
  • Excellent communication skills

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