Dr Matthew Preston


College of Business, Government and Law

place Social Science South (395)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
Teaching interests

Masters Supervisor for 50-60 Chinese students per year

Masters Thesis Marker 50-60 per year

I have been used as something of a relief teacher since 2012. As a consequence, I have written a new subject every semester for the last 7+ years across nearly every area of International Relations but I do have a particular interest in International Relations theory, civil wars and state-building, and the psychological/propaganda issues surrounding cybersecurity.

Topic coordinator
DSVT7008 Reseach Methods
DVST9023 Research Methods - Online
INTR3008 International Relations Theory & Practice
INTR3008 Introduction to Strategic Studies
INTR2014 Civil Wars & State Building
INTR9912 Masters Research Advisor – Master of International Relations of Economy & Trade
INTR9073 The New Security Agenda (Postgrad)
INTR2015 The New Security Agenda
INTR9033A International Commercial Law: Orgins and Problems
INTR7002 Debating International Relations - Honours
INTR9033 International Commercial Law & International Political Economy (Taught in China)
INTR9069 Approaches to International Relations
INTR3102 Controversies in International Relations
POLI2139 International Political Economy (Ade Uni)
POLI7004 International Relations of the Indo-Pacific (Honours) (Ade Uni)
POLI4010 International Relations of the Indo-Pacific (Honours) (Ade Uni)
Topic lecturer
INTR1008 Interstate Wars & International Security
INTR2007 Nuclear Weapons & International Security
INTR2002 The Modern International System

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