Ms Meredith Reeve

Casual Academic

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Flinders Medical Centre (3A:254.1)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I am a Registered Clinical Nurse working in Recovery with thirty years experience in post Anaesthetic care, I have skills in pain management, Airway Management of unconscious patients,and more recently for the past 10 years have worked in clinical simulation sessions involving Medical Students,Anaesthetic Registrars and Consultants along with Registered Nurses from other facilities in teaching Medical Emergency management of patients in a safe learning environment. I enjoy teaching and the sharing of knowledge between the various groups of participants and the knowledge that we are making a difference to their skill and confidence in managing these emergency situations in their clinical setting. Simulation provides a safe learning environment for them to initiate treatments and have the mannequin respond in a realistic manner.

Registered Clinical Nurse.
Advanced Life Support Instructor.
Anaesthetic and Recovery Certificate.
Technical Demonstrator of Medical student simulation sessions.
Program Assistant Organiser of simulation sessions for Anaesthetic Registrars and Consultants.
Honours, awards and grants
2010 Executive Dean's Teaching Excellence Award
Key responsibilities
To teach Advanced Life support sessions to fourth year Medical students on a bi-weekly basis and assess their skills on the alternate week.
Work in a clinical Recovery ward 3 days per week-keeping clinical practice is essential to giving up to date information to our students.
Assist with teaching practical skills such as sterility and safety to second year medical students as well as Basic Life support assesments and Airway management skills.