Dr Anne Mette Adams

Lecturer in Nursing

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Sturt North (N209)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Dr Anne Mette Adams (Mette) is an intensive care nurse, teacher and researcher. Drawing upon her extensive clinical background across diverse critical care settings in Denmark, Norway and Australia, she brings a wealth of practical experience that enriches her academic pursuits. Since joining Flinders University in 2016, Mette has shown a strong commitment to advancing nursing care and expanding the boundaries of nursing knowledge. Her teaching interests include critical care nursing, fundamental care, clinical reasoning and clinical skills development. Central to her teaching philosophy is the cultivation of a student-centred environment where the content is meaningful and engaging, and students feel empowered and safe to speak up. In her capacity as a researcher, Mette focuses on the provision of patient and family-centred care and support of ICU clinician wellbeing. She is particularly interested in guideline development, evidence-based practice and knowledge translation and has close collaboration with the Centre for Clinical Practice Guidelines in Denmark. Her PhD focused on developing clinical practice guidelines for the non-pharmacological management of patient agitation in the intensive care unit. Mette has experience with Delphi, qualitative and mixed-methods designs.


Doctor of Philosophy (Flinders University)

Honours (nursing) (Flinders University)

Flinders Foundation of University Teaching Certificate (Flinders University)

Master of Nursing (Flinders University)

GradDip in Critical Care (Flinders University)

Bachelor of Nursing (University College Lillebaelt, Denmark - 2003)

Honours, awards and grants

2020: Erik Elgaard Sørensen Scholarship

2020: ACCCN Research Seeding Grant

2020: Australian Government RTP Scholarship

2018: First Class Honours

2018: ACCCN SA Members Professional Fund Grant

2017: School of Nursing and Midwifery Honours Scholarship

Key responsibilities

Research, topic coordination, teaching

Topic coordinator
NURS8741 Professional Experience in Resuscitation Across the Lifespan (S2)
NURS3013 Nursing Practice and Professional Placement 5
Topic lecturer
NURS3013 Nursing Practice and Professional Placement 5
NURS2027 Nursing Practice and Professional Placement 1B
NURS8741 Professional Experience in Resuscitation Across the Lifespan
NURS2020 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Nursing Management of Health
Supervisory interests
Delphi technique
Evidence based clinical practice
Intensive care
Knowledge translation
Mixed method research
Nursing research, qualitative
Nursing workforce development
Stakeholder engagement
Systematic reviews in health care