Dr Mohammad Hamiduzzaman

Casual Professional

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Adelaide Home Office
PO Box 852, Renmark 5341, South Australia

Dr Mohammad Hamiduzzaman is social epidemiologist and has extensive research record in aged care services. He also has research experience in personalised healthcare, clinical interactions, health system determinants, health beliefs and behaviours and virtual healthcare support. Major focus of his projects’ is to reduce the number of clinical visits and use of medication and improve physical and intellectual capacity of people through health literacy, healthcare seeking behavioral tools and technology such as mobile app, website or social media. In this regard, he has theoretical knowledge and methodological skills and experience in leading and managing pharmacological and non-pharmacological healthcare projects in different regions of Australia. Expertise in using research software such as REDCap, SPSS and NVivo added value in his project management skill and research capacity. He is a co-investigator of major research project, funded by Australian Department of Health, Harmony in the Bush: A Personalised Model of care for Dementia; and also engaged in major research projects funded by Department of Aged Care ad Services, Australia: Virtual Dementia Friendly Rural Communities (Project Coordinator – South Australia) He is also an Associate Editor of BMC Health Services Research journal.


BSS (Hons) in Public Administration; MSS (Research) in Health Administration and Services; PhD in Ageing and Health Service Utilisation; Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Honours, awards and grants

2018: Co-Investigator - Harmony in the Bush: Personalised model of dementia care in aged care facilities

2018: HDR Publication Award from College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Flinders University

2017: HDR Publication Award from College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Flinders University

2016: HDR Publication Award from College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Flinders University

2014: International Post-graduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and Australia Post-Graduate Award (APA)

2009: MSS in Public Administration with Distinction

Key responsibilities
  1. Providing project management for specific rural research projects.
  2. In conjunction with the Senior Lecturer, providing leadership in the preparation of grants and ethics proposals in collaboration with research academics in FURHSA and the broader College and University.
  3. Designing and implementing research projects in rural areas, including support for student projects across rural and remote regions.
  4. Liaising and consulting with University staff and a range of individuals and community organisations, national and international stakeholders and strategic research partners.
  5. Promoting and developing the role of FURHSA within the community.
  6. Any other responsibilities in line with the level of the position as assigned by the Supervisor and/or the University.
  7. Preparing evaluation measures, collect, coordinate and process data, undertake analysis and produce research reports, conference presentations and publications.
  8. Preparing and submitting progress reports for funding agencies as required.
Teaching interests

1. Social Determinants of Health

2. Public Health

3. Primary Healthcare

4. Health Promotion

5. Research Methodologies and Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative)

Topic lecturer
NURS9222 Capstone: Advancing Research Knowledge to Inform Healthcare Practice
HLTH2102 Indigenous Health for Health Sciences
NURS1008 Indigenous Health and Cultural Safety
Supervisory interests
Aged and community care
Health service delivery, institutional capacity
Health service, public policy, equity and access
Health services research
Healthcare seeking behaviour
Public health
Rural health systems
Social determinants of health
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Pain management (1), Clinical interactions (1)
Associate supervisor: Advance Studies (1), Interprofessional education (1), Health Policy (1)