Dr Nicola Guerin

GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
Grad Dip Psych, BA (Hons) (Psychology)
Honours, awards and grants

2015 Australian Bicentennial Scholarship, Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King's College, London

2012 Australian Postgraduate Award

2011 University Medal

2011 The Australian Psychological Society Prize in Psychology

2011, 2010 Chancellor's Letter of Commendation

2010 Summer Scholarship in Psychology

2010 Gery Beswick Memorial Prize

Research interests

Eyewitness Identification Decisions and Metacognition: Familiarity and Recollection in Simultaneous Lineups

Eyewitness identification errors are a serious problem in the criminal justice system. Making an identification from a police lineup is a complex recognition task. Therefore, basic recognition memory theory is likely to be useful for understanding why errors are made in the identification task. In my project, I applied dual process recognition memory theory to examine the processes and factors underlying simultaneous lineup decisions. Specifically, I investigated eyewitnesses' use of memory and metacognition in the judgments that together make up the complex identification decision. A novel lineup procedure designed to improve eyewitnesses' use of recollection improved identification performance in simple lineup tasks.

Improved understandings of how eyewitnesses make a choice when confronted with an identification lineup may contribute to the development of procedures capable of improving identification accuracy.

Nathan Weber

Additional Research Interests
I am interested in a variety of areas within the general field of applied and theoretical cognitive psychology, including memory, metacognition, decision making, eyewitness identification, and learning. I also have broader interests including developmental psychology, and the psychology of justice, moral reasoning, and social change.


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