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I have been both an academic at Flinders University and a consultant archaeologist for 30 years. As a consultant I completed 70+ contracts in Western Australia and South Australia. In recent years my experience in landscape archaeology and historical archaeology came together in two significant research projects undertaken in collaboration with stakeholder groups and colleagues at Flinders University. The Kimberley Frontier Archaeology Project. Visit our website: http://www.flinders.edu.au/ehl/archaeology/research-profile/current-themes-and-projects/environment-and-society/kimberley-frontier-archaeology-project.cfm This project commenced in 2004 in collaboration with the Kimberley Land Council and is primarily focussed on the east and south-east Kimberley Region, Western Australia. The impact of the white settler invasion of Aboriginal lands in this region has been increasingly acknowledged during the past two decades; in its 2017 report following the First Nations National Constitutional Convention, Uluru, the Referendum Council emphasized 'Truth Telling' and respect as significant to the reconciliation process. The Kimberley Frontier Archaeology Project continues in the spirit of '˜Truth Telling'. Adelaide Hills Face Zone Project.

I initiated the ARC funded Adelaide Hills Face Zone Cultural Heritage Project in 2001 (2002-2005). Visit our website: http://www.flinders.edu.au/ehl/archaeology/research-profile/current-themes-and-projects/environment-and-society/adelaide-hills-face-zone-project.cfm

I continue to research elements of the hills landscape both as a volunteer and with small grants. This research is now contributing to planning the new Glenthorne National Park, O'Halloran Hill. In 2018 I was invited to join the Glenthorne Partnership, a stakeholder group working with the Department and Environment staff and consultants to plan the new national Park. I am actively involved in the conservation planning of existing heritage-listed sites within the new park and research for the proposed South Australian Warhorse Memorial, commemorating the role of the horses and men who went to the First World War from the Australian Army's No.9 Remount Depot, Glenthorne.


ARC Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University (2002-2005).

PhD, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University (awarded 2001).

Graduate Diploma of Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University (awarded 1993).

BA & BA (Hons), Department of Anthropology, University of Adelaide (Hons. awarded 1992).

Honours, awards and grants

2018 Flinders University seed grant - Kimberley Frontier Archaeology Project

2011- ongoing Senior Research Fellow, Adjunct, Flinders University.

2014 Mitcham Council Special Grant. Restoration of the Mitcham Water Works.

2013 Mitcham Council Community Development Grant: Mitcham Hills Heritage GIS Database with Robert Keane and Donald Pate.

2012 'Heritage Hero' award by the South Australian Government.

2010 Mitcham Council Community Development Grant: The excavation of the Mitcham Water Works (1879-1930).

2010 An Indigenous Heritage Program grant, Canberra: Assess the heritage status of the Sturt Creek Massacre site.

2008 South Australian Women's Honour Roll.

2008-10 AIATSIS research grant: Archaeological Investigation of the SturtCreek Massacre Site, Kimberley Region,W.A.

2005-11 Senior Research Associate, Adjunct, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University.

2006 W.A.Department for Indigenous Affairs grant: Conservation and maintenance of the Panton River massacre site.

2006 W.A. Department for Indigenous Affairsgrant: Document the archaeological site at Limestone Creek, Lissadell Station, East Kimberley,W.A.

2004 Flinders University Research Grant: Kimberley Frontier Archaeological Project - massacre site at Panton River (with S.Blau).

2004 Flinders University Research Grant: A multidisciplinary investigation of historic clearance events in the Adelaide Hills. Flinders (with T.Denham).

2004 Hills Face Zone Cultural Heritage Project funding to attend the Society for Historical Archaeology Conference, St. Louis, USA, January 6-11, 2004.

2003 Flinders University Research Budget Grant: Internet map server website for the Hills Face Zone Cultural Heritage Project.

2002-5. Australian Research Council Likage-Projects Grant: Post-Doctoral Fellow: The Adelaide Hills Face Zone Cultural Heritage Project.

2001 Flinders University-Industry Collaborative Research Grants Scheme: A feasibility study for The Adelaide HillsFace Zone: Reconstructing colonial landscapes and the identification of sites of cultural significance.

2001 Visiting Scholar, Department of Archaeology.

2000/1 AIATSIS Research Grant: Joint Archaeobotanical Project, Fromm's Landing, Lower Murray River, S.A.

1997 Flinders University Overseas Travel Grant: IUNS Conference, Montreal, Canada.

1995-9 Australian Post-graduate Award.

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