Mr Paul Cooper

Associate Lecturer (Teaching Specialist (Clin))

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Bedford Park
Topic coordinator
NURS1007 dimensions of physical and mental health
Topic lecturer
NURS1002 contexts of nursing and primary healthcare
NURS1008 Indigenous health and cultural safety
NURS2002 professionalism in action
NURS3005 transition to professional practice 2
NURS2005 managing care in diferent settings
NURS2007 intergrating theroy and practice
NURS1001 Introduction to the nursing profession and independant learning
NURS2003 pathophysiology and pharmacology
NURS2004 dynamics of practice
NURS3006 the professional nurse
NURS1003 psychosocial perspectives of healthcare
NURS1005A applied science in professional practice
NURS3001 dynamics of practice 1
NURS3003 dynamics of practice 3