Associate Professor Pauline Glover

Academic Status

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Sturt West Wing
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
RN, RM, DipT (NEd) SACAE, BEd SACAE, MNgSt Flin, EdD Flin FACM
Honours, awards and grants


Distinguished Alumni Award
Flinders University, Adelaide


Department of Premier Nursing Excellence Awards Finalist


Enterprising Women. Woman of Achievement Finalist


Telstra Business Woman of the Year
National finalist - Shell business and community section


Johnson Baby Midwife of the Year
(2 nominations)
Vice Chancellor's Team Award for Excellence in Teaching.
Presented at Flinders University, Adelaide


Vice Chancellor's Inaugural Award for Excellence in Teaching
Presented at Flinders University of South Australia
Roger Wurm Memorial Award

Research interests

Midwifery education, practice and competency development; clinical teaching and support.

Estimating blood loss at delivery. Anecdotal evidence suggests that midwives and other health care workers underestimate the amount of blood a woman loses at delivery. This study was an attempt to ascertain whether this is true. A pilot study was conducted which used simulated blood amounts on bed linen and blue sheets. Participants were asked to ascertain the blood loss at six (6) different stations and record their responses on a survey form. Analysis of this data demonstrated that midwives were between 300 to 500 mls under the amount when the blood loss was over 700 mls.

The development of continence curriculum guidelines for inclusion in undergraduate nursing & midwifery curriculum. See Paterson.

Development and provision of an educational program for the enhanced role of the midwife in Western Australia. Co-researchers Professor Judith Clare, Dr Yoni Luxford, Ms Jen Byrne.

Midwifery students' perceptions of, and use of feedback in, clinical practice. The aim of this study is to identify midwifery students' perceptions of and use of feedback in the ethical practice setting. Questionnaires, clinical logs and interviews will be used to collect the data. The sample group will be 35 Bachelor of Midwifery (3-year) students enrolled in a first semester clinical topic. This study is a replication of one completed previously by Glover that studied third year nursing students.

Culturally diverse women diagnosed with alcohol/drug problems during pregnancy - literature review and analysis of hospital separations 1995-2001 in South Australia. The aim of this research is to identify any trends and the magnitude of alcohol/drug disorder among pregnant women from culturally diverse (non-English speaking) communities in South Australia.

Teaching interests
Midwifery, education and practice; health assessment and physical examination; clinical teaching and competency development.
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Sexual Health and Family Planning
Women's Health
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