Dr Rhiannon Bandiera

Casual Professional

College of Business, Government and Law

place Professional Services Building
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
Research expertise
Criminal justice system
Research interests

Rhiannon's current research pursuits concern the latest emerging issues within the fields of transnational organised and state-corporate crime. Rhiannon specialises in crimes involving legal prescription and non-prescription medicines, ranging from pharmaceutical diversion and counterfeiting, to manufacturer and consumer fraud. Her Honours thesis, submitted in 2010, critically examined the formation of the global trade in counterfeit medicines, exploring the joint role played by consumers and counterfeiters in its ongoing persistence in transnational markets. Rhiannon's PhD thesis, submitted in 2018, involved a critical examination of the regulatory framework employed by Australia’s national drug regulatory authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and its capacity to achieve compliance from pharmaceutical companies with quality, safety, and efficacy requirements. The thesis argued that the regime’s failure to compel compliance from pharmaceutical companies was due to its congruence with neoliberal rationalities of government which have limited non-market forces from intervening in markets in ways detrimental to the accumulation of capital. It argued that the regulatory regime was not only organised around these special interests, but that the state also operated in ways which facilitated these interests. In making this argument, the thesis challenges the dominant school of thought within the regulatory and criminological literature, the compliance school, by critiquing the capacity of two of its most fundamental theories, risk-based and responsive regulation, in generating compliance from regulated entities. Rhiannon is currently exploring the interface between these organised and corporate crimes to demonstrate their mutual origins as the criminogenic effects of capitalist markets.

Teaching interests

Rhiannon has teaching experience in both generalist and specialist criminology topics. She also has experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods.


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