Dr Ruth Sladek

Academic Status

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Flinders Medical Centre (5E:213.4)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Dr Sladek joined Flinders University in 2011. and is currently a senior lecturer in Health Professional Education, Flinders University’s School of Medicine, and Chair of the Admissions Committee for the MD and Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/MD.

Directly prior to this she was a health service researcher in SA Health, with extensive teaching experience through the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Clinical Practice. In this role she actively taught multidisciplinary groups how to search, find and understand research evidence in lectures, workshops and small groups (including medical students). This remains a key research and teaching interest.

During the above time Dr Sladek was the recipient of an inaugural NHMRC National Institute of Clinical Studies PhD scholarship. This enabled her to investigate “how doctors think” in a series of 5 studies of medical students, trainee medical officers, medical specialists, nurses and health managers. She subsequently received a Vice Chancellor’s Early Career Researcher Award in 2010. To date she is a named researcher/recipient in competitive research/project funding > $1.8 million. Her broad research interests are evidenced by peer reviewed publications in journals as wide ranging as Contemporary Clinical Trials, BMC Medical Research Methodology, Best Practice & Research in Clinical Rheumatology, Personality and Individual Differences, Australian Health Review, Occupational Medicine, Palliative Medicine, Implementation Science, Health Information & Libraries Journal and Journal of Clinical Oncology.

She is shifting her research interests to medical education and admissions research. Current research relates to the validity of common selection criteria in predicting academic and clinical success amongst medical students (Sladek & Bond), Finding the literature on medical professionalism (Sladek & Ash), a study of empathy amongst medical students (Mahoney, Neild & Sladek).

PhD, MPH, BA (Library & Information Management; Psychology)
Honours, awards and grants
2010 Vice Chancellors Early Career Researcher Award
2007/2008 Biennial Anne Harrison Award
2003/2004 Biennial Anne Harrison Award
Key responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Medical Education; Chair of the Admissions Committee for the Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Clinical Sciences / Doctor of Medicine

Topic lecturer
HLED9108 Research Methods in Clinical Education
Supervisory interests
Critical appraisal
Medical education
Social accountability
Student selection
Systematic reviews in health care
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: medical education, high stakes selection (1)