Associate Professor Shan He

Academic Status

College of Science and Engineering

place Biological Sciences
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Food scientist and engineer: I am interested in all kinds of research relating to food, especially functional food development and utilization of food processing co-products.

Commercialization: I am passionate in commercializing research outcome. I am dedicated in transferring research outcome from my products into market-ready products to show their commercial value.

Hobbies: I am a sports nut, especially in tennis and hiking.


PhD of Biotechnology, Flinders University, Australia, 2013

Master of Food Science and Technology, RMIT University, Australia, 2008

Bachelor of Bioengineering, Huazhong Agricultural University, China, 2006

Honours, awards and grants

2020--Honorable Research Fellow, Institute of Bioresource and Agruculture, Hongkong Baptist University

2016--Recipient of Australia China Young Scientists Exchange Program, Next Step Initiative 2016, Australian Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Key responsibilities

Recent publications (first or corresponding author):


Soy protein-polysaccharide complex coacervate under physical treatment: Effects of pH, ionic strength and polysaccharide type--Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies

Widely targeted metabolomics analysis reveals new biomarkers and mechanistic insights on chestnut (Castanea mollissima Bl.) calcification process--Food Research International


Vortexfluidics mediated non-covalent physicalentanglement of tannic acid and gelatin forentrapment of nutrients--Food and Function

IoT-based laser-inscribedsensors for detection of sulfate in water bodies--IEEE Access


Vortexfluidic mediated encapsulation of functionalfish oilfeaturing in situ probed small angle neutron scattering--NPJ Science of Food

A Review on the Use of Impedimetric Sensors for theInspection of Food Quality--International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Application of microfluidic technology in foodprocessing--Food and Function

Development and characterization of an ediblechitosan–whey protein nano composite film forchestnut (Castanea mollissimaBl.) preservation--Journal of Food Science

Determination of biogenic amines in ChubMackerel from different storage methods--Journal of Food Science

Antioxidative activity of oyster protein hydrolysates Maillard reaction products--Food Science and Nutrition

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Development of an Internet of Things BasedElectrochemical Microfluidic System for FreeCalcium Detection--Applied Science

Process optimization and anti-oxidative activity of peanut meal Maillardreaction products--LWT Food Science and Technology