Ms Stacey Avefua

Desktop Publishing / Administrative Officer

Research Centre for Injury Studies

place Sir Mark Oliphant Building (Level 2B)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
I have worked at the Research Centre for Injury Studies since January 2000. The Research Centre also houses the National Injury Surveillance Unit, a collaborating centre of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
Secretarial & Public Relations Diploma
Clerical & School Assistant Certificate
Key responsibilities

Among other things my role is mainly focussed on liaising with our funder's publications unit and doing the layout editing of the National Injury Surveillance Units statistical reports. My role also involves Desktop Publishing which includes the maintenance and development of the Research Centre for Injury Studies web page within the Flinders University website. I have also assisted in the organisation of the PHAA Injury SIG's Satellite meeting, Staying Active, Staying Safe which was held in Adelaide.

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