Associate Professor Sue Lenthall

Director, Katherine Campus

College of Medicine and Public Health

place O'Keefe House, Katherine District Hospital
PO Box 433, Katherine 0851, Northern Territory

Sue Lenthall is an educationalist with extensive remote area nursing experience. She has worked extensively as a remote area nurse in remote communities in Queensland and central Australia for over 20 years. She was one of the first teachers with the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education Program in Queensland and has retained a strong interest in teaching about cross-cultural practice. Sue was the Executive Officer for the Council of Remote Areas Nurses of Australia before working as the education coordinator with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in Townsville. Sue has contributed to the development of numerous curriculum documents relating to Indigenous and Remote Health. She was the foundation course coordinator of the Remote Health Practice program at the Centre for Remote Health and is responsible for oversighting the development of the program designed to prepare health professionals to practice in remote areas of Australia. She completed a PhD in ‘’reducing occupational stress among nurses in very remote Northern Territory and is currently the director of Katherine Campus, Flinders NT.

Topic coordinator
REMH9022 Research and evaluation
REMH9023 Research Project