Mr Tim Hart

Casual Academic

College of Science and Engineering

place Biological Sciences
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Tim's passion for Information Technology and Communications started in highschool and from a love of computing/video games. He studied programming at TAFE and then went on to do his Bachelor of Information Technology. Tim took up casual teaching in his third year and from that a position as a research assistant. He discovered how much he enjoyed interacting with students and being able to guide them through their Univeristy careers.

Tim went on to complete his Honours degree, in the field of Digital Preservation and Metadata Standards. He is now a PhD student, still focused on metadata, but exploring other applications such as digital forensics. Tim hopes to become a lecturer at Flinders, combining his love for research and working with students.


Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) - Flinders University
Certificate 4 - Programming - TAFESA

Honours, awards and grants

Chancellor's Letter of Commendation x2
Golden Key
First Class Honours
University Medal
Australian Postgraduate Award - Scholarship

Research expertise
Information systems
Other information and computing sciences
Research interests

Tim's research interests involve the following topics:

Metadata: As the basis for the following fields.

Metadata Standards: Standardising the way metadata is captured, how it is stored and displayed. Standardising naming conventions and bringing together a fragmented world of many standards into one, user friendly standard which further allows automation to be achieved.

Digital Preservation: Preserving our digital history, the provenance and digital capabilities of current and future digital content.

Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime: Investigating the use of metadata to catch peperpetrators through both online and physical means.

Teaching interests

COMP1101 - Fundamentals of Information Technology and Communications
COMP2782_8782 - Social Information Networks
COMP3732_9732 - Enterprise Cloud Systems


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