Mrs Toni Slotnes-O'Brien

Senior Lecturer

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Bedford Park (N308)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Toni is a Senior Lecturer- Teaching Specialist (Clinical Practitioner) with expertise as an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner and Credentialled Diabetes Educator.

After 28 years of nursing, Toni joined Flinders University in 2013 with a desire to enhance nursing care and encourage post graduate studies in nursing. This includes coordinating the Master of Nurse Practitioner course.

Her academic role encompasses clinical practice within the university primary healthcare clinic: Health2Go, specilaising in supporting people with chronic health conditions. Toni is currently conducting a research project examining the effect of triglycerides on insulin resistance. She remains actively involved at local, state and national level working to improve the primary care of Australians with chronic conditions.

She currently holds the position of SA state chapter chair of the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners and is Chair of the Australian Nurse Practitioner Academic Collaborative.

Read about her journey as a Nurse Practitioner here-


Master of Health and Clinical Research (current)

Completed a Master of Nurse Practitioner 2013.

Graduate certificate in Diabetes Management 2008.

Bachelor of Nursing 1993

Honours, awards and grants

2021 Flinders University Vice President & Executive Dean's Education Award

2021 APNA nurse led clinic grant

2019 Top 11 winner Abbott case study awards

2019 Roche ADC Registration assistance award

2018 & 2019 Nomination for Credentialled Diabetes educator of the year

2013 Heart Nurse ambassador scholarship

2013 Central and Adelaide Hills Medicare local Healthy weight practice grant

2011 RACN Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship

2008 RACN Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship

Key responsibilities

Course coordinator Master of Nurse Practitioner

Topic coordination of NURS9029- Integrated professional practice 2/ NURS9028- Transition to Nurse Practitioner role

Mentoring of Nurse Practitioner and Diabetes educator students

Teaching interests

Nurse Practitioner

Diabetes education

Transition to practice NP

Topic coordinator
NURS9028 Transition to Nurse Practitioner
NURS9029 Integrated Professional Practice 2
NURS8720 Primary health care constructs and texts
Topic lecturer
NURS9029 Integrated Professional Practice 2
NURS9028 Transition to Nurse Practitioner
NURS1004 Physical dimensions of being human