Dr Yarrow Andrew

Lecturer Early Childhood Education

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

place Education Building (5.40)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Dr Andrew's research and teaching is located within the sociology of education, and focuses on the field of early childhood education. Their key interests are around how this field is shaped by social class, gender, sexuality and other dimensions of inequality. Theoretically, they locate their work within materialist and poststructuralist feminist paradigms, and draw on work by critical scholars across the disciplines of sociology, education, critical psychology and gender studies. As a tertiary educator, Yarrow seeks to encourage early childhood teachers to draw on critical pedagogical approaches, which understand power as a key dimension in the classroom, shaping all education relationships and processes in small and large ways.They have recently published a book – The Sociology of Early Childhood: Young children’s lives and worlds – through Routledge, to support educators in understanding these complex and persistent educational inequalities.

Research expertise
Curriculum and pedagogy
Education systems
Gender Studies
Sexuality Studies
Women's Studies
Research interests

Early childhood education


Social class

Emotional work

Workplace relations

Critical pedagogy


Teaching interests

My focus for teaching is around sociological approaches to early childhood education, and understanding and using critical pedagogies. Education has the potential to reshape the world when it engages with issues of social justice, and prioritises the needs of the least advantaged students, knowing that this is most critical area of need.

Topic coordinator
EDUC4723 Curriculum and Pedagogy
EDUC2321 Making Meaning in the Expressive Arts
EDUC9123 Pedagogies of belonging
EDUC9303 Critical pedagogies in a changing world
EDUC9126 Making Meaning in the Expressive Arts
EDUC4722 Critical Pedagogies for a Changing World
EDUC9301 Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Early Years
Supervisory interests
Critical education
Education, early childhood
Gender studies
Post-foundationalist research
Post-structuralist research
Qualitative research
Sexualities studies
Sociology of education
Sociology of gender & identity
Sociology of work
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: Infants from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds (1), Sociology (1), Sociology of education (1), Sexualities education (1)