Building a Business Analytics Capability @ Flinders

Flinders University is committed to the development of a Business Analytics capability, to enable the more efficient delivery of information in support of key strategic decision-making. 





Note: Business Analytics is accessible only to Flinders University staff using their Flinders Authentication Name (FAN).  
The Analytics environment is accessible through most major web browsers. To access from off-campus, VPN service is required.

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To view when scheduled outages of Flinders Business Analytics are planned please visit the IT Change Schedule

Business Analytics Support

For assistance with Business Analytics, please contact Roslyn Clermont (Ph 13623) or by email or complete our contact form.


Business Analytics General Help Files (last updated March 2018) 



Business Analytics Tip Sheets (last updated March 2018)


Business Analytics Scorecard Guides (last updated July 2013)


Key Contacts

Senior Business Analytics Architect (Business Analytics)
Ben Stevens
Ph: 12871

Business Analytics User Support
Roslyn Clermont
Ph: 13623