Planning and Analytical Services staff have experience in all aspects of surveys, including design, mailout, follow-up, analysis and reporting; and are happy to provide advice. Please visit the requests page for assistance with surveys.

Student Surveys

Student Experience Survey (SES)
The Student Experience Survey (SES) provides current higher education students with the opportunity to talk about their experience of the institution they are enrolled in. The results of this research are used to help Flinders University and the government gain insight into students' experiences, and to monitor and improve teaching and learning in Australia.

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)
The system of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) adopted by Flinders University caters for the mandatory student evaluation of teaching and topics with a series of standard questions based on published educational research (referred to colloquially as standard SETs for Teaching and Topic, respectively). In the SET, students express their degree of agreement or disagreement on a five-point scale with statements about facets of their topic.

Exit Survey

Exit Survey
This survey is conducted to help us discover the reasons why students choose not to re-enrol and the information is used to improve academic and other support services for students.

Graduate Surveys

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)
New graduates who complete the requirements for their qualifications in the previous calendar year are surveyed regarding their major activities, including full-time study, full or part-time employment, seeking employment, or their unavailability for work or study.

Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal (GOS-L)
This follow up to the GOS obtains an update on labour market status and some aspects of course experience. The survey also examines career aspirations, perceptions of the relevance of qualifications to employment and the importance of a qualification post-graduation. Findings concerning the activities of Australian resident bachelor degree graduates from Flinders University are compared against national averages.