Flinders Living :Deirdre Jordan Village Rural Scholarship for Commencing Students

Opening Date: 05-12-2019   Closing Date: 10-03-2020  


Flinders Living has established the Deirdre Jordan Village Rural Scholarship for Commencing Students. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a first year student from a rural or remote location. 


Subject to the availability of funds there will be one annual scholarship valued at $1,000 which will be credited to the recipient's Accommodation Fee account at Flinders Living.


 Applicants must:

  • be a permanent resident of rural Australia; and
  • normally reside outside of the Adelaide metropolitan area and the metropolitan areas of other major Australian cities (as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Local Council areas); and
  • have lived in a rural or regional area of Australia for at least four years preceding the commencement of higher education; and
  • have completed the final two years of schooling in a high school or college in a rural or regional area; and
  • have not previously lived away from home on a permanent basis; and
  • be in their first year of higher education study; and
  • be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate course of study at Flinders University; and
  • be residing in the Deirdre Jordan Village for the duration of the academic year in which the award is made; and
  • be able to demonstrate financial hardship.

 Note: Applicants who lived away from their rural or regional home to complete the whole or the majority of their secondary schooling at a high school or college in a major city may be considered if they are able to demonstrate special circumstances.


Applications should be submitted online through the Flinders University Student System. Applicants will need to login and navigate to the My Scholarships tab to submit an application. The application form for this scholarship is called "Flinders Living Scholarships", or you can search for it by the keyword "Living". Please read the how to apply page and ensure all of your personal details are up-to-date in the Student System as you will be assessed using this information. You will be considered for multiple scholarships if you complete this application.

Applicants will need to demonstrate financial hardship to apply for this scholarship. This can be done uploading a recent Centrelink (or DVA) Income Statement which shows you are currently in receipts of government means tested benefits. See the list of approved benefits at http://www.flinders.edu.au/scholarships/how-to-apply/undergraduate-scholarship-applications.cfm. Applicants not in receipt of government means tested benefits must be able to demonstrate financial hardship form by completing and uploading the Financial Hardship Form available below.

Scholarship Type: undergraduate, academic merit, financial, commencing, regional/remote/rural students,