Heart Foundation :Australian Indigenous Scholarship

Opening Date: 07-04-2017   Closing Date: 23-06-2017  


Heart Foundation research scholarships complement other PhD funding sources by strategically providing support for the development of cardiovascular research capacity in under-represented areas of expertise. The Australian Indigenous Scholarship is designed to  encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to undertake a PhD or Masters (by research) in cardiovascular research.

The Heart Foundation believes that strengthening the research capacity and workforce in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cardiovascular research will, in turn, have a broader impact on the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

A stipend of $40,000 pro rata per annum of up to 2 years for a Masters and up to 3 years for a PhD


Applicants must be identified Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Any area of cardiovascular health research including biodmedical, clinical, public health and health service.


Application forms and guidelines for all Heart Foundation research awards may be obtained from the Heart Foundation website or by emailling research@heartfoundation.org.au

Scholarship Type: research, Indigenous students,