Mavis Brown Charitable Trust :The Mavis Brown Scholarship

Opening Date: 09-08-2021   Closing Date: 27-08-2021  


This scholarship has been established in honour of Mavis Haydon. During her lifetime Mavis Haydon recognised and valued the power of education. She was acutely aware that the opportunity to attend University remains beyond the financial means of many talented young people. By establishing a perpetual charitable trust in support of University scholarships in her will, Mavis Haydon sought to address this imbalance.

Source of funds

The source of funds is the Mavis Brown Charitable Trust.


Each scholarship will have a value of $5,000 per annum paid in equal instalments after the census date of each semester. The number of scholarships will be determined by available funding. Maximum funding for each student will be determined by the normal duration of the course, up to a maximum of 6 years.


Scholarship applicants must:

  • be Australian citizens; and
  • be commencing a coursework degree in the field of medicine, law or engineering; and
  • be able to demonstrate financial need; and
  • normally be a resident of South Australia*; and
  • normally be enrolled full-time at Flinders University.

Eligible courses are:

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice
  • Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours)
  • Juris Doctor
  • Any 4 year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) course with the exception of Bachelor of Engineering (Maritime) (Honours). 

Applications will be accepted from part-time students who have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from studying full-time (e.g. disabilities, carer responsibilities). Part-time recipients will be paid pro-rata. 

To be considered a commencing student, you must be enrolled in the first year of one of the above-listed courses. 

*Applicants must have a permanent home address in South Australia to fulfil this criteria. 



The tenure is the advertised normal duration of the degree for full-time students. The scholarship will be paid in equal instalments after the census date of each semester. These payments are subject to the student maintaining a full-time study load and satisfactory GPA of at least 4.0. 

Medicine students will be required to be making satisfactory progress according to their course rules (normally requiring grades of at least NGP or P).

Payments will not normally be made for repeat study. The scholarship may be terminated if the recipient fails two or more topics.


Leave will be permitted after completion of at least one semester of this scholarship, for a maximum of one semester only.


Applications should be submitted online through the Student System by the specified closing date.  

Applicants must complete and upload to their online application the Mavis Brown Scholarship Form 


The scholarship will be awarded taking consideration of:

  • the extent to which the scholarship will assist the student’s education; and. 
  • academic merit based on applicant’s entry score into the course in accordance with approved University procedures
  • the student's demonstrated commimtment to their chosen field of study

A selection committee will be appointed comprising a representative from the Colleges of Medicine and Public Health; Science and Engineering; and  Business, Government and Law;  and a member of the general public appointed by the trustees of the Mavis Brown Charitable Trust.

  • View rules for this scholarship scheme.
Scholarship Type: undergraduate, academic merit, financial, commencing,