Flinders University :Joyner Scholarships in Fine Arts and Law

Opening Date: 01-09-2021   Closing Date: 31-10-2021  

Note: the Joyner will only be offered in the fields of Law and Fine Arts for 2022.


The Joyner Scholarships in fine arts and law, medicine and science have been established to encourage postgraduate and other advanced research of original or progressive nature leading to advancement of knowledge in any branch or aspect of  fine arts, law, medicine or science.

The highest ranked postgraduate research scholarship applicants intending to undertake research higher degree study in law, medicine and science at Flinders University are generally nominated for the Joyner Scholarships. These applicants compete with highly ranked postgraduate research scholarship applicants from the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia for one scholarship each in law, medicine and science.

Joyner Scholarships are tenable at Flinders University for up to three years for a Doctorate by research, or up to two years for a Masters degree, subject to satisfactory progress.


The scholarships pay an indexed stipend which is 10% above the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship rate for law and science students, or 10% above the NHMRC Medical Postgraduate Scholarship rate include a Research Training Program place (RTP), which provides an exemption from tuition fees and generous allowances and leave provisions.


Awards will normally only be available to those who

  • Are Australian citizens; or have been granted permanent resident status; 
  • Have completed at least four years of tertiary education studies at a high level of achievement and have an appropriate Honours 1 (or equivalent) undergraduate degree;
  • Are enrolling as full-time students; and will commence a Masters by research or Doctorate by research in the year of the award; 
  • Have had their candidature accepted in the area in which they propose to undertake their studies.


To apply for scholarships in the main scholarship round, you will need to first submit an application for admission to a Research higher degree (PhD or Master of Arts by research) followed by an application for the RHD Scholarship group on the student information system, which will produce an application for all of the RHD scholarships that are available for award in this main round.

You will need to have an active Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) to complete this process.

If you have never studied at, or made an application to Flinders University, you can register and submit your application for admission to a Research higher degree using the application portal.

After completing your registration you will receive a confirmation email, this will arrive within 1 hour to your nominated email address and will contain your login details and instructions on how to activate your FAN.

If you have studied at Flinders University within the last 12 months you can submit your application for admission to a research higher degree, and for a scholarship via the Student Information System.

You will find the application forms by selecting the My Applications tab at the top of the page; selecting the degree you wish to be admitted to, and completing the form.  Once you have completed the application for admission, you will need to complete an application for the scholarship. To do this, continue by selecting the My Scholarship tab and then create a new scholarship application.  The scholarship application is called RHD main Scholarship - group.  Completing both applications will ensure you are assessed for all of the scholarships on offer during this round.

If you have studied at Flinders University but graduated more than 12 months ago you will need to reactive your FAN via the FAN reactivation page.  With an active FAN you will then be able to submit your application for admission via the Student Information System as advised above.

If you have previously applied to study at Flinders, you will be able to reactive your FAN via the FAN reactivation page, you will need to enter your Fist name, Last name, date of birth and your student ID, normally found on any letters sent by the university to you.  The system will be able to identify you more accurately if you can enter your student ID.

Once your application is complete, including all mandatory questions and documentation, your application will be assessed.  Assessment will commence once applications have closed.

  • Download the conditions of award for this scholarship scheme. This document is provided as an Adobe Acrobat portable document format (pdf) file. You will need to install the Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer to view pdf files. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge from Adobe's website. Adobe provides tools for converting pdf files to HTML and ASCII text for users with vision impairments at its access.adobe.com website. If you require this document in other formats (plain text, ASCII), please contact the Student Finance Services.
  • Download the application form for this scholarship scheme.
  • Download Referee's Report
Scholarship Type: research, academic merit, commencing, continuing,