Flinders University :Northern Territory Territory Medical Program Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bursary

Opening Date: 20-02-2019   Closing Date: 01-03-2019  


The Northern Territory Medical Program Bursary has been established to provide financial assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled in the Northern Territory Medical Program at Flinders University.


Each Bursary has a value of of $20,000 per year for four years.


An applicant must:

• Be of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and be accepted as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander  by the community in which he or she lives or has lived; and;

• Be an Australian citizen; and

• Be enrolled as a full-time student in the Flinders University Northern Territory Medical Program; and

• Be able to demonstrate financial need.


Please contact Kelly-Anne Browne, Student Recruitment, Support and Community Engagement on 08 8920 0293 or via email kellyanne.browne@flinders.edu.au to request an application form.


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Scholarship Type: undergraduate, Indigenous students,