Flinders University :Country Education Foundation of Australia Scholarship

The Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEFA) is a national not for profit organisation that helps rural communities establish local education foundations.  These local education foundations are members of CEFA and raise funds to provide financial assistance to local youth to assist them achieve their post high school education and vocation goals.  To apply for financial assistance applicants must live or attend high school in a community that has a local education foundation. To find a current listing of member communities, visit the CEFA website .  Contact details of each local education foundation are listed on this website.
Flinders University is committed to ensuring as many rural youth as possible have the opportunity of a tertiary education.  As part of this commitment  Flinders University has become a CEFA Education Partner. 

This partnership means that CEFA recipients (someone who has received financial assistance from a CEFA education foundation community) who attend Flinders University as a full time undergraduate student will receive additional financial assistance from the University, with preference given to first year students. The value of this grant is determined by how many students CEFA has attending Flinders University in any one year. Typically grants can be worth between $250 and $2,000.
For more information and details about how to apply for a grant, please contact CEFA directly on 1300 652 144 or email info@cef.org.au