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Plus BedsOnline Scholarship


BedsOnline are one of Australia's largest retailers of furntiure and beds online and offline.  edsOnline proudly supports young students in reaching their full potential to become tomorrow's leaders and pave the way forward in industry, government and the community. For many, a higher education can redefine the future for their families and their community - allowing them to apply their personal experience to address the challenges facing Australia.

BedsOnline would like to offer a $1500 scholarship.


Eligible students must be:
    Aged between 18-25 years of age
    Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
    Undertaken the Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Selection Criteria

The successful applicant must demonstrate:

    Demonstrate academic potential through a minimum ATAR of 80 or equivalent
    Demonstrate financial or other hardship, based on Opportunity and Equity criteria
    Demonstrate evidence of community involvement in areas such as leadership or volunteering
    School leaver applicants will be considered on the basis of work experience and educational qualifications

Application and Selection Process

Applications are now open. Successful applicants will be selected based on their written application, academic potential, their ability to meet the criteria and, where appropriate, performance in an interview before a selection panel.

If you are interested in applying please send an email to with the following information.

- Your Curriculum Vitae
- The name of the University/TAFE institution and degree, diploma or course you're currently enrolled in
- A cover letter explaining why you should receive the scholarship in 500 words or less.

Open Date: 11th September 2016
Closing Date: 30th October 2017
Scholarship winner will be announced on 30th November 2017 via email.

Opening Date: 11-09-2016   Closing Date: 30-10-2017

Plus Australian Scholarship 2018

Opening Date: 08-01-2018   Closing Date: 18-10-2018

Plus Bob Such Memorial Scholarship for Commencing Students

Opening Date: 23-11-2016   Closing Date: 10-03-2017

Plus Bob Such Memorial Scholarship for Continuing Students

A grant from the State Government in conjunction with Flinders University has enabled the establishment of the Bob Such Memorial Scholarship. The aim of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students from the southern suburbs of Adelaide undertaking an undergraduate degree at Flinders University. Subject to the availability of funds, there will be a maximum of 12 scholarships awarded annually to the value of $2,500 each.


Opening Date: 23-03-2017   Closing Date: 13-04-2017

Plus Butlers Commercial Lawyers Scholarship

Opening Date: 01-06-2017   Closing Date: 28-02-2018

Plus C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship

The Charles Allan Seymour Hawker Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund was established by the late Kathleen Lilias Needham to perpetuate the memory of her late brother Charles Allan Seymour Hawker - scholar, soldier, pastoralist and statesman, by means of a scholarship.

Opening Date: 04-12-2017   Closing Date: 05-01-2018

Plus Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship

The Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship has been established by the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc., with the view of assisting Deaf and hard of hearing people to further their education by undertaking post-secondary studies.

Opening Date: 19-11-2018   Closing Date: 31-12-2018

Plus Catherine Helen Spence Memorial Scholarship

The Catherine Helen Spence Scholarship is offered every four years and provides financial support for a woman to undertake the investigation of social problems and/or a study in the field of social sciences in Australia or overseas.
The investigation or study should be relevant to social conditions in South Australia and be capable of being applied for the benefit of the state.

Opening Date: 27-04-2017   Closing Date: 17-07-2017

Plus Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development (CMBD) PhD scholarships and top-ups

Two PhD positions are available in the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development. The Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development (CMBD) was set up in 2009 and is a cross faculty research centre in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Engineering. More information about the Centre can be found at

Opening Date: 10-03-2016   Closing Date: 31-12-2016

Plus Charlie Perkins Scholarships for study at Oxford or Cambridge University

The Charlie Perkins Scholarship Trust offers two annual scholarships to talented Indigenous Australians for postgraduate study at either the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The scholarships cover full tuition, travel and living expenses. The scholarships are directed at Indigenous Australians who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen fields and in their communities. The value of each Perkins Scholarship will vary, depending on the scholarship-holder's course of study, for up to three years. It will cover full university and college fees, travel costs and an annual stipend to cover living expenses. 

Opening Date: 03-08-2015   Closing Date: 15-01-2016

Plus Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship

Generous donations to honour the contribution made by Cheryl Ann Keatley to aged care and continence education have enabled the establishment of the Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage postgraduate training in incontinence nursing by providing financial assistance to students undertaking the Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care (Aged Care) or the Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Aged Care) or the Master of Nursing (Aged Care).  Subject to the availability of funds, there will be one scholarship valued at $1,000 awarded annually.

Opening Date: 03-12-2018   Closing Date: 13-03-2019

Plus Cloudswave Scholarship

At Cloudswave we review and provide affordable accessibility to a wide range of technologies that facilitate businesses to reach and exceed their goals. Reaching and exceeding goals is also a task that is put upon our youth that further their education at a tertiary level.

As an international company we also speak to and understand the wants and needs of universities and as such we have developed a scholarship to give back to the business leaders of tomorrow

The recipients of the Cloudswave Scholarship will receive the combined cash amount of $3500 USD to help with the costs of studying.  First prize is $2000, second prize is $1000 and third prize is $500.

Opening Date: 21-10-2015   Closing Date: 31-03-2016

Plus College of Medicine and Public Health Honours Scholarship

The College of Medicine and Public Health has established Honours Scholarships to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students undertaking an honours research project within the College.

Subject to the availability of funds, there will be two annual scholarships up to the value of $2,500 each.


Opening Date: 26-02-2018   Closing Date: 12-03-2018

Plus College of Medicine and Public Health Summer Research Awards

Opening Date: 11-10-2017   Closing Date: 23-10-2017

Plus College of Nursing and Health Sciences Honours Scholarship

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences has established Honours Scholarships to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students undertaking an honours research project in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University. Their purpose is to build Honours engagement and research across all disciplines in the College.


Opening Date: 25-02-2019   Closing Date: 22-03-2019

Plus College of Nursing and Health Sciences Summer Research Award

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is offering Summer Research Awards to high achieving undergraduate students interested in undertaking honours or higher degree research.

Opening Date: 13-11-2017   Closing Date: 01-12-2017

Plus College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Summer Research Awards


The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) has established the CSE Summer Research Awards to provide opportunities for students interested in undertaking honours or higher degree research.

The award will provide students with an opportunity to be involved in a research project under the supervision of a member of staff. This award is solely for educational purposes. The recipient is under no obligation to perform any work nor are they required to attend at the University or elsewhere, at any particular time. There is no intention to create an employment relationship.

Opening Date: 04-09-2018   Closing Date: 02-10-2018

Plus College of Science and Engineering Research Awards (CSERA)

Opening Date: 01-09-2018   Closing Date: 31-10-2018

Plus College of Science and Engineering Research Scholarships (CSERA) Mid-year round

Opening Date: 21-05-2019   Closing Date: 28-06-2019

Plus Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia


The Commonwealth Scholarships Program for South Australia offers support for 1200 undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational education and training students to undertake study, training and internships in South Australia. The Program aims to improve skills and employment opportunities linked to priority industries in South Australia. It also creates opportunities for workers in industries experiencing structural adjustment and retrenchment.


Scholarship funding of up to $17,500 is available per student. This amount will vary based on scholarship length and whether studies are part-time or full-time.

Scholarships are available for students studying from Certificate III to PhD levels in an area that will lead to
employment in one of three streams:
• Stream 1—defence industry (including naval shipbuilding)
• Stream 2—advanced manufacturing, health services and medical research, tourism and hospitality, wine and food, and energy and resources. Applications will also be accepted from students who intend to study in a field that is relevant to, and are currently employed by,
a business with innovative practices that result in economic growth
• Stream 3—South Australian State based skills needs. Any occupation listed on the Australian Government Department of Employment’s Skills Shortage List for South Australia will be eligible for a Scholarship.

This list is available at



The scholarship includes a paid internship component equivalent to 20 business days. Internships provide scholars with opportunities to gain experience in an industry placement in a priority industry relevant to their study or training, gain skills on the job, and learn about and contribute to the business they are placed in. Internships will be in addition to the approved program of study. Scope Global (the support contractor for this program) will secure internships for each scholar.


Opening Date: 12-10-2017   Closing Date: 25-10-2017

Plus Conference Travel Grant for Postgraduate Research Students

Opening Date: 01-07-2017   Closing Date: 30-07-2018

Plus Coopers / Playford Trust Honours Scholarship

Opening Date: 22-11-2018   Closing Date: 18-01-2019

Plus Country Education Foundation of Australia Scholarship

The Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEFA) is a national not for profit organisation that helps rural communities establish local education foundations.  These local education foundations are members of CEFA and raise funds to provide financial assistance to local youth to assist them achieve their post high school education and vocation goals.  To apply for financial assistance applicants must live or attend high school in a community that has a local education foundation.  Contact details of each local education foundation are listed on the website below. CEFA recipients (someone who has received financial assistance from a CEFA education foundation community) who attend Flinders University as a full time undergraduate student will receive additional financial assistance from the University, with preference given to first year students. Typically grants can be worth between $250 and $2,000.

Plus Crawford-in-SA International Agricultural Student Awards

The Crawford Fund encourages greater recognition of the importance of international agricultural research and development to Australia by actively engaging in international agricultural research in developing countries.

Opening Date: 19-12-2017   Closing Date: 29-03-2018

Plus CRC-REP Top-up scholarships and project support funds

The CRC-REP is currently offering research scholarships to outstanding students to work as part of a team in one of its research projects. Both Full and Top-up scholarships and project support funds are available. Current funding amounts are: Full Scholarships of up to $23,000 per annum for three years; Top-up scholarships of $6,000 per annum for three years to holders of Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), University Research Scholarships, and Masters by Research; Project Support Funding of up to $5,000 for up to three years (full details of project support funding must be provided); and Honours project funding up to $6,000 for one year. For more information about CRC-REP scholarships, please contact Kevin Williams, General Manager Research Evaluation and Impact at or on +61 8 8211 0431.

Plus Credit Counsellors Australia Finance Scholarship

Opening Date: 30-09-2016   Closing Date: 31-03-2017

Plus Data61 Scholarship (Domestic) - commencement in Semester 1, 2019

Opening Date: 15-01-2018   Closing Date: 31-10-2018

Plus Data61 Scholarship (Domestic) - commencement in Semester 2, 2018

Opening Date: 15-01-2018   Closing Date: 31-05-2018

Plus Data61 Scholarship (International) - commencement in Semester 1, 2019

Opening Date: 15-01-2018   Closing Date: 31-08-2018

Plus Data61 Scholarship (International) - commencement in Semester 2, 2018

Opening Date: 15-01-2018   Closing Date: 30-04-2018

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