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Plus Thesis Editing Grant

The Capstone Editing Grant provides free thesis editing for one Masters student and one PhD student per year.

Opening Date: 27-08-2018   Closing Date: 31-10-2018

Plus Thesis Write-Up Scholarship (Elite Editing)

The Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship provides financial assistance for one postgraduate student per year for a period of 12 weeks to free them from other forms of employment and allow them to concentrate solely on the task of writing their thesis.

Opening Date: 01-01-2019   Closing Date: 30-06-2019

Plus Two PhD Scholarships Available in the Area of Archaeological Science/Analytical Chemistry

Opening Date: 05-07-2019   Closing Date: 15-07-2019

Plus University Hall Rural Scholarship

Flinders Living has established the University Hall Rural Scholarship for Continuing Students. The scholarship is available to students continuing to reside in University Hall. Subject to the availability of funds there will be one annual scholarship valued at $1,000 which will be credited to the recipient's Accommodation Fee account at Flinders Living.

Opening Date: 20-12-2017   Closing Date: 02-03-2018

Plus Vic Beasley Bursary

A generous donation by Dr Vic Beasley has enabled the establishment of the Vic Beasley Bursary.  The bursary has been established to encourage financially disadvantaged students who have participated in the Flinders University Foundation Course to undertake higher education. Subject to the availability of funds, the bursary will be awarded annually and will be valued at $500.

Opening Date: 23-06-2019   Closing Date: 05-08-2019

Plus Wattle Range Council Hon Terry Roberts MLC Memorial Student Scholarship

A generous donation by the Wattle Range Council has enabled the establishment of the Wattle Range Council Hon Terry Roberts MLC Memorial Student Scholarship to recognize the contribution made by the late Hon Terry Roberts MLC to South Australia, the Wattle Range Council region and the Millicent community. The scholarship has been established to assist students from the Wattle Range Council area to commence undergraduate study at Flinders University.   Subject to the availability of funds, there will be two scholarships awarded annually valued at $2,500 each.  Payment will be made in two equal instalments, after each main semester census date.

Opening Date: 21-05-2019   Closing Date: 05-08-2019

Plus Websites 'N' More Scholarship

Opening Date: 27-06-2017   Closing Date: 31-12-2017

Plus Winifred E.Preedy Undergraduate Scholarship

Opening Date: 11-01-2019   Closing Date: 29-03-2019

Plus Wyndham Richardson Scholarship Fund (WRSF)

Wyndham Richardson Scholarship Fund (WRSF) is able to to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students residing in University Hall or the Deirdre Jordan Village.

Opening Date: 22-02-2019   Closing Date: 13-03-2019

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