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Plus Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships are available to Australian citizens to engage in 8 - 12 months of research relevant to an Australian PhD; or undertake an approved course of study in an American higher degree or its equivalent. These scholarships are aimed at current PhD students, honours students, or honours graduates who are considering postgraduate study in the US. Further information and application forms can be obtained from the website below.

Opening Date: 04-02-2019   Closing Date: 15-07-2019

Plus Matthew Flinders Statue Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2015 by donations to the Matthew Flinders Statue Fund.

The object of the scholarship is to:

  • Assist, encourage and promote knowledge, education links, and enduring ties between Australia and Britain;
  • Promote international understanding and advance the academic development of students by enabling them to spend part of their degree overseas.

Opening Date: 01-01-2019   Closing Date: 31-12-2019

Plus New Colombo Plan Scholarships

The New Colombo Plan mobility program is an initiative of the Australian Government to encourage undergraduate students to undertake study or internships in approved countries in Asia.

Students will need to be undertaking approved programs of overseas study as part of a New Columbo Mobility program. Participants in these programs will be advised of the application process. The value of the scholarship varies according to the program. The scholarship will be awarded for up to 2 semesters of overseas study.

Applicants must:

·be Australian Citizens (please note: students must not hold or have ever been a citizen, permanent resident, or held residency rights in a Host Location); and

·be enrolled in an Australian University at the time of application and throughout the overseas study program; and

·be undertaking a Bachelor's degree (Pass or Honours) at the commencement of the program; and

. have successfully completed at least 36 units of the undergraduate course with a grade point average 4.5 or above at the commencement of overseas study; and

·be between 18 and 28 years of age or over the age of 28 on a case by case basis at the commencement of the overseas study; and

·be nominated into and have confirmed their participation in the relevant New Colombo Plan mobility program and;

. have their overseas study count as credit or be a mandatory part of their course of study at Flinders University; and

·not be in receipt of any other Flinders University administered award which provides travel assistance.

Opening Date: 01-01-2019   Closing Date: 31-12-2019

Plus OS-HELP Loans

OS-HELP is a loan that assists eligible students, who are based in Australia, to undertake some of their study overseas. For 2017, the maximum you can borrow for a six-month study period is: $6,567 (if you will not be studying in Asia); or $7,880 if you will be studying in Asia; and an additional $1,050 if you will be undertaking an Asian language study, specifically  in preparation for your study in Asia. To be eligible for consideration for OS-HELP assistance, a student must: be an Australian citizen or the holder of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa, be undertaking an undergraduate course of study leading to a higher education award at Flinders University, have successfully completed at least 36 units of study undertaken in Australia towards the course of study for which the assistance is being sought, have their overseas study count as credit towards their course of study and be required to undertake at least 4.5 units of study in order complete their course of study on return from their overseas study.


Opening Date: 03-12-2018   Closing Date: 01-12-2019