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Plus  Winifred E. Preedy Postgraduate Bursary

The aim of this Bursary is to assist women to undertake and complete higher degrees in Dentistry or some allied field, either via coursework or research.

Opening Date: 12-01-2021   Closing Date: 09-04-2021

Plus Aborigines Advancement League Grants

Study Grants are available for Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students of the University of South Australia and Flinders University who are enrolled full-time or part-time in a postgraduate or Medical degree and are permanent residents of South Australia. Recipients will be determined by the Selection Committee of the Aboriginal Advancement League based upon both grade point average and economic need of the student. The grants will be offered for the life of the recipient's program, for a maximum of two years for full-time students. The number of grants awarded each year is dependent on the income generated by the Aboriginal Advancement League Fund.

Opening Date: 19-12-2018   Closing Date: 01-03-2019

Plus Asia Postgraduate Program

The Asia Postgraduate Program is funded by the Department of Education and Training to encourage participation in nominated semester or short term mobility programs.

Subject to the availability of funding, one or more subsidies valued at either $5,000 (for semester) or $2,000 (for short term) may be awarded each year.


Opening Date: 01-01-2018   Closing Date: 31-12-2018

Plus Austin Taylor Indigenous NT Medical Program Scholarship

The Austin Taylor Indigenous NT Medical Program Scholarship has been established to support the retention and successful graduation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as health professionals. Subject to the availability of funds, a minimum of one scholarship with a minimum value of $750 may be awarded each year.

Opening Date: 18-12-2020   Closing Date: 10-03-2021

Plus Australian Dentists Clinic Scholarship

Opening Date: 01-01-2017   Closing Date: 31-12-2017

Plus Carson Northern Territory Medical Program Scholarship

Opening Date: 01-12-2021   Closing Date: 16-02-2022

Plus Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship

The Catherine Bonnes AM Scholarship has been established by the Broken Hill & District Hearing Resource Centre Inc., with the view of assisting Deaf and hard of hearing people to further their education by undertaking post-secondary studies.

Opening Date: 19-11-2018   Closing Date: 31-12-2018

Plus Charlie Perkins Scholarships for study at Oxford or Cambridge University

The Charlie Perkins Scholarship Trust offers two annual scholarships to talented Indigenous Australians for postgraduate study at either the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The scholarships cover full tuition, travel and living expenses. The scholarships are directed at Indigenous Australians who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen fields and in their communities. The value of each Perkins Scholarship will vary, depending on the scholarship-holder's course of study, for up to three years. It will cover full university and college fees, travel costs and an annual stipend to cover living expenses. 

Opening Date: 26-08-2019   Closing Date: 26-08-2019

Plus Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship

Generous donations to honour the contribution made by Cheryl Ann Keatley to aged care and continence education have enabled the establishment of the Cheryl Ann Keatley Scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage postgraduate training in incontinence nursing by providing financial assistance to students undertaking the Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care (Aged Care) or the Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Aged Care) or the Master of Nursing (Aged Care).  Subject to the availability of funds, there will be one scholarship valued at $1,000 awarded annually.

Opening Date: 01-07-2021   Closing Date: 01-10-2021

Plus Crawford-in-SA International Agricultural Student Awards

The Crawford Fund encourages greater recognition of the importance of international agricultural research and development to Australia by actively engaging in international agricultural research in developing countries.

Opening Date: 19-12-2017   Closing Date: 29-03-2018

Plus Crohn’s & Colitis Australia Inflammatory Bowel Disease PHD scholarship

Opening Date: 30-09-2020   Closing Date: 06-11-2020

Plus Diamond Jubilee Bursary

Opening Date: 12-01-2021   Closing Date: 09-04-2021

Plus Dr Jonathan Herald Orthopaedic Scholarship Program

Opening Date: 30-03-2020   Closing Date: 31-01-2021

Plus Flinders Business Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

The Flinders Business School recognises students with high academic performance and the potential to make a leading contribution to Flinders University and our growing community of international students worldwide.  The Flinders Business School are offering eligible international students a 15% partial fee scholarship for the duration of their course at Flinders University.

Opening Date: 01-01-2017   Closing Date: 31-12-2017

Plus Flinders University / Playford Trust Master of Teaching Scholarship

Opening Date: 15-10-2019   Closing Date: 03-01-2020

Plus Francis Regan Student Scholarship

Opening Date: 06-12-2019   Closing Date: 03-03-2020

Plus Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships at Harvard University



Opening Date: 06-08-2020   Closing Date: 10-01-2020

Plus Fulbright Future Scholarships


The Australian-American Fulbright Commission is pleased to announce the Fulbright Future Scholarships – our most generous scholarship program ever. The new scholarship program seeks to improve the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of Australians by funding innovative, impact-focused projects. Fulbright Future Scholarships will fund projects that aim to advance cutting-edge applied science, kick start innovative business collaborations that foster the creation of new jobs, and further the development of impact-driven emergent technologies.


  • a generous living allowance
  • travel allowance for international flights to/from the United States
  • full tuition or Visiting Researcher Scholar fees
  • placement services support for postgraduate students seeking to complete a full U.S. master’s degree
  • ASPE medical insurance of up to A$100,000 (for the scholar only)
  • National Australian Orientation Program, Showcase & Gala Presentation Dinner
  • enrichment activities in the United States with other international Fulbright scholars
  • access to a professional network of distinguished Australian and American Fulbright Alumni
  • ongoing assistance from the Commission with visas, enrichment opportunities and pastoral care
  • media and publicity support

Opening Date: 03-02-2020   Closing Date: 06-07-2020

Plus Go Beyond Scholarship

Opening Date: 01-01-2020   Closing Date: 28-07-2020

Plus Hearing Australia: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Master of Audiology Scholarship

Opening Date: 09-12-2019   Closing Date: 03-01-2020

Plus IMRC Masters By Coursework Scholarship

Opening Date: 17-05-2020   Closing Date: 19-07-2021

Plus Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship




Opening Date: 29-11-2021   Closing Date: 10-12-2021

Plus Indigenous Commonwealth Accomodation Top-up Scholarship

Opening Date: 29-11-2021   Closing Date: 10-12-2021

Plus Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship









































































































































































































































































 Flinders University administers the Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships on behalf of the Australian Government. The purpose of the Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships is to provide financial assistance to suitably qualified indigenous students. Two types of scholarships are available: Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship and Enabling Indigenous Commonwealth Education Scholarship. In 2012 the scholarship value will be $2,377 per annum.  Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships are available for a maximum of 4 years.  Enabling Indigenous Commonwealth Education Scholarships are available for a maximum of 1 year.  Further details are available on the application form.

Opening Date: 12-07-2021   Closing Date: 13-08-2021

Plus International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Flinders University  has been successful in gaining funding from the Department of Education and Training to assist students to undertake an exchange program at a partner university to enhance their Flinders University studies by providing an international perspective.Subject to the availability of funding, one or more subsidies valued at $5,000 each may be awarded in each semester.

Opening Date: 01-01-2018   Closing Date: 31-12-2018

Plus Jacqui Thorburn and Family Bursary for Indigenous Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management

Opening Date: 10-12-2021   Closing Date: 11-03-2022

Plus Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students

Opening Date: 28-06-2021   Closing Date: 26-07-2021

Plus Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship

The Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011. The Scholarship will recognise and support a mature age woman commencing a Doctor of Medicine in a Commonwealth supported place at Flinders University. The Scholarship aims to support a woman who has a demonstrated commitment to improving the well-being of women through their involvement as a volunteer, through work or study in the areas of Health, Education Safety, Social Justice, Poverty or Advocacy. The successful Lesley Shorne Scholar will receive $1000 annually for up to 4 years.


Opening Date: 01-06-2022   Closing Date: 08-07-2022

Plus Lillian de Lissa Action Research Scholarship

The scholarship is available to early childhood practitioners wishing to undertake Action Research in their Early Childhood setting. The purpose of the scholarship is to give financial support to a person(s) to complete an Action Research project either independently or as part of a group. The project must take less than 12 months but more than 5 months. The project may be a partial fulfilment of a postgraduate qualification.

Opening Date: 17-07-2018   Closing Date: 05-10-2018

Plus Lillian de Lissa Full Scholarship

Applicants for the Lillian de Lissa Scholarship are invited from permanent and contract (2 years minimum) employees of the Department of Education who are working with children aged (birth to 8 years). The scholarship is available to persons with a qualification in early childhood education (birth to 8 years) who wish to undertake postgraduate studies in early childhood. The Lillian de Lissa Full Scholarship is to a maximum of $36,000 (tax exempt). The purpose of the scholarship is to enable the applicant to take leave from employment to complete postgraduate research in early childhood education leading to a higher degree.

Opening Date: 17-07-2018   Closing Date: 05-10-2018

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